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DAR POMORZA Sailing Ship Silver Coin Hologram Belarus 2009

Country Belarus
Year 2009
Face Value 20 Rubles
Metal Silver
Fineness (purity) 925/1000
Weight (g) 28.28
Diameter (mm) 38.61
Quality Proof
Mintage (pcs) 25.000
Certificate (COA) Yes
Presentation case (box) No

424 蚊 1枚, Silver Coin Story 買, 對波蘭鑄廠幣來說是好平, 而最特別是個好靚的 Hologram !

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Moody’s reviews 6 Canadian banks for downgrade

就連加拿大都要出問題啦 !


Posted: Oct 26, 2012 3:30 PM ET

Bond rating company Moody’s Investors Service today said it would review the long-term ratings of six Canadian banks with the possibility of downgrading their creditworthiness.

Moody’s cited “concerns about high consumer debt levels and elevated housing prices” among its reasons, saying the banks are more vulnerable to a downturn in the Canadian economy than in the past.

The six include Bank of Montreal, Bank of Nova Scotia, Caisse Centrale Desjardins, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, National Bank of Canada and Toronto-Dominion Bank.

The Bank of Montreal’s current Moody’s rating is Aa2, the Bank of Nova Scotia’s is Aa1, Caisse Centrale Desjardins’ is Aa1, the CIBC’s Aa2, the National’s Aa2 and the Toronto-Dominion’s, Aaa (see chart).

This spring, the average ratio of household debt to personal disposable income reached a record 163 per cent, up from 137 per cent five years earlier.

Canadian house prices, Moody’s said, rose 21 per cent in the last five years.
A downgrade could result in higher borrowing costs for the banks, which would be passed on to consumers.

Moody’s rating scale (investment grade): 

Source: Moody’s Investors Service

2012年10月27日 星期六

Thousands have their cash frozen after collapse of Banksia Financial Group

輪到澳洲金融機構出事 !


  • October 26, 2012 9:39AM 
RETIREES, schools and sporting clubs are in shock and fearful about the fate of their investments following the collapse of Banksia Securities.

Thousands of people hundreds of millions of dollars in losses after the shock collapse of Banksia Financial Group. Receivers McGrathNicol took charge of the non-bank financial firm, based in Kyabram in central Victoria, and froze investments on Thursday after the Banksia board found the company faced insolvency.

Questions are being asked of government regulator the Australian Security and Investment Commission over what actions it took prior to the $660 million collapse of the Banksia Financial Group.

ASIC was allegedly informed about the precarious position of Banksia, and a subsidiary Statewide Secured Investments 18 months ago, according to NSW property developer David Hawkins who was involved in litigation with the firm.

"The regulator has been on to them for about 18 months ... (but) ASIC have sat on their hands," Mr Hawkins claimed.

"Ive been waging war against them (Banksia), as have about four other people in relation to their lending practices," he said.

Mr Hawkins was involved in court action with Banksia over a $2.2 million property deal after Banksia withdrew their support for the project.

But he said Statewide had been lending money in NSW "like a drunken sailor" when Banksia amalgamated with it in 2009.

He claimed Statewide had contested liabilities of $28-$30 million at the time but Banksia had insisted it would not inherit the firm's debt, even though it provided security for costs in a number of court cases.

Mr Hawkins said major residential, hotel and commercial developments in Sydney had faced multi-million dollar valuation and financing problems, helping to bring the collapse on.

ASIC said it was "aware" of yesterday's developments with Banksia but did not disclose when it was first notified about the financial group's problems.

ASIC spokesman Andre Khoury said the commission was "actively engaged" with Banksia's trustee and receiver.

Mr Khoury said ASIC was not a prudential regulator.

"ASIC’s historical work in this sector reflects the fact that a disclosure regime is in place for debentures, coupled with the requirement that a trustee is in place to monitor the issuer and seek to protect the interests of debenture holders," Mr Khoury said.

Banksia appointed receivers yesterday owing investors $660 million.

Banksia fell into receivership after a recent review of its non-performing loans.

About 3000 investors in eight towns and cities in regional Victoria have had their investments frozen while receivers McGrathNicol work their way through the non-bank lender's accounts.

About 100 workers also are set to lose their jobs.

The collapse has shocked communities across the state.

Kyabram resident Jason Dunn said the town was reeling.

"People are in tears," he said.

He said many locals feared they would lose their retirement fund.

"People who worked hard all their life have just lost the lot. It's really going to affect the town. It's a black day here," he said.

Kyabram local Lynne, 50, opened up an account two weeks ago with about $8000 for a holiday.

"I'm devastated, but I got off lightly," said Lynne, who asked that her surname not be used.

"One retired lady lost the lot - $400,000. Now it has probably just gone, disappeared like that," she said.

She said Banksia was an institution that locals had trusted.

The pastor of Kyabram Baptist Church, Robert Arnold, said it was likely the church would lose money.

He said there had been no warning signs that the firm was in trouble.

"Our banking goes through them," Mr Arnold, 70, said.

"It has come as a shock. I would have thought it would have been pretty well managed."

Victorian Farmers Federation vice president Peter Tuohey said farmers had been hit by the collapse.

“Farmers are just trying to recoup after going through a lot of pretty tough years," he told 3AW today.

"A few farmers that have got a few savings and put away carefully in a local investment company  - it’s going to hurt them pretty dearly so (it will) really set the whole area back."

Victorian Shadow Minister for Finance Robin Scott said the collapse was a terrible blow for families, particularly in regional Victoria.

“The Opposition fears that the collapse will have a negative impact on local economic activity and employment,” he said.

“The Victorian Government needs to step in and assist those communities most impacted by the collapse."

Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey said the Federal Opposition was "desperately trying to find out much more on how Banksia was structured".

"I think it's important to recognise that if an institution is not supervised by APRA, if it's not an authorised deposit-taking institution then there is a certain amount of risk," he told 3AW.

"When someone advertises themselves as a non-bank lender or as a non-bank financial institution then the money is at risk."

Banksia, which was founded in Kyabram, offered investment products including fixed-term, superannuation and pensioner deeming accounts and mortgage schemes.

Banksia has a network of 14 branches across Victoria, NSW and SA with headquarters in Melbourne.

Its other Victorian branches are in Echuca, Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Shepparton, Tatura and Warrnambool.

McGrathNicol receiver Tony McGrath said it was too early to know what caused the collapse.

He said an urgent review of Banksia's financial position, loan book and properties was under way.

"Our primary concern is to ensure the interests of debenture holders are being protected," Mr McGrath said.

Staff will work on during the review.

The group, which bills itself as a "non-bank alternative", was founded as Kyabram Housing Investments by Patrick Godfrey in 1968. In 1999, it merged with other small investment companies to form The Banksia Financial Group.

Mr Godfrey stepped down as chief executive in August and was replaced by Warren Shaw, a former National Australia Bank general manager in charge of overseeing its retail branches.

Mr Godfrey continues to serve as a board member.

- with  Christopher Gillett

人民幣升值的原因 ?

圖來之 www.jsmineset.com

香港真失敗 ?


A "renminbi bloc" has been formed in East Asia, as nations in the region abandon the US dollar and peg their currency to the Chinese yuana major signal of China's successful bid to internationalize its currency, a research report has said.

The Peterson Institute for International Economics, or PIIE, said in its latest research that China has moved closer to its long-term goal for the renminbi to become a global reserve currency.

Since the global financial crisis, the report said, more and more nations, especially emerging economies, see the yuan as the main reference currency when setting their exchange rate.

And now seven out of 10 economies in the regionincluding South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailandtrack the renminbi more closely than they do the US dollar. Only three economies in the groupHong Kong, Vietnam, and Mongoliastill have currencies following the dollar more closely than the renminbi, said the report, posted on the institute's website.

The South Korean won, for example, has appreciated in sync with the renminbi against the dollar since mid-2010.

China has long vowed to raise its currency's global sway, along with the rise of its economy, which became the world's second-biggest last year.

The goal has seen significant development in recent years as the country promotes renminbi-denominated cross-border trade and gradually loosens control over its capital accounts.

As a result, Hong Kong has quickly risen to be the world's biggest offshore renminbi trading center, with about 600 billion yuan ($95 billion) in deposits.

According to the latest report by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, or SWIFT, renminbi-denominated trade accounted for 10 percent of China's total foreign trade in July. The figure was zero just two years ago.

From July 1 to Aug 31, global payments in the renminbi rose 15.6 percent, according to SWIFT, as payments in other currencies fell 0.9 percent on average.

The renminbi had a market share of 0.53 percent in August and has overtaken the Danish krone to become the 14th-highest global payment currency, the member-owned cooperative said.

Cross-border trade settled in renminbi will triple to 6.5 trillion yuan ($1.03 trillion) within three years as relations with the world's second-largest economy grow, Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC was quoted as saying by Bloomberg on Oct 9.

Settlements will grow 12 to 20 percent this year, reaching $1.03 trillion in two years, up from $330.8 billion in 2011, said Janet Ming, head of the China desk for RBS in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

"We're seeing a lot more customers starting to practice in renminbi," Ming was quoted as saying by Bloomberg. "For most companies and banks, China and India is where the growth is. If you're dealing with China, ignoring renminbi is not the right thing to do."

Wang Jianhui, chief economist with Southwest Securities Co Ltd, agreed. "Investors are looking for new reserve currencies at a time when both the dollar and euro are under pressure. This is a good opportunity for the yuan," he said.

The Royal Bank of Scotland predicted in a report on Monday that renminbi will become a fully convertible currency in 2015.

The PIIE said that renminbi could rise to the status of an international currency in 10 to 15 years if the country can reform its financial market and allow greater access for foreigners via capital account liberalization.

Forming the new renminbi bloc is the result of China's rise as the main trading partner in the region. China's share in East Asian countries' manufacturing trade has risen from 2 percent in 1991 to about 22 percent this year, according to the PIIE report.

In fact, trade is also propelling the rise of the renminbi outside East Asia. The currencies of India, Chile, Israel, South Africa and Turkey all now follow the renminbi closely, in some cases, more so than the dollar. The renminbi would be more attractive if the country could further liberalize its financial and currency markets, the report said.

Some fear that China might follow Japan's rise and fall over the past decades, but the institute thinks otherwise.

"They should take note that even during the heady days of the Japanese miracle, the yen never came close to rivaling the dollar as a reference currency. There was never anything close to a yen bloc in East Asia," the report said.

Liberty Dollar Creator Awaiting Prison

Norfed liberty dollars 鑄幣者等坐牢 !

www.silverdoctors.com 全文

Bernard von NotHaus faces up to 20 years in prison for his ‘conviction’ of the crime of minting $60 million worth of constitutionally legal private silver coins.   Naturally, since von NotHaus made the mistake of minting the word dollar on the coins, the Feds threw the book at him, confiscated the phyzz, and labeled the patriot a ‘domestic terrorist’.

打壓樓巿 打死用家


【本報訊】樓市過去數年越遏越升,政府前年遏需求的措施失效,拓地增加土地供應又處處碰壁,在苦無良策下,惟有借徵重稅,以圖趕絕外地人買港樓,在一刀切 殺絕市場購買力的兩招下,以求換取片刻的樓市穩定,有學者認為此舉隨時殺錯良民,加上對上一次額外印花稅經驗證明收窄盤源效應,樓價不跌反升。

財政司司長曾俊華昨日為隆重其事,聯同財經事務及庫務局、運輸及房屋局及發展局三大局長和政府經濟顧問,一同宣佈推出新一輪的兩項遏市措施。其中一項是延 長及加重現行額外印花稅(Special Stamp Duty,簡稱SSD,下同)的時效及徵收比率,由兩年增至三年,稅率由5%至15%,增至10%至20%。另一項是向買港樓的非本港永久性居民、和本地 及外地註冊公司,在現有印花稅上,再徵收樓價15%的買家印花稅(Buyer's Stamp Duty,簡稱BSD,下同)。


曾俊華表示,由於樓市亢奮,跟現時經濟基調背道而馳,樓市泡沫風險大增,單今年初至今的中小型住宅單位樓價升幅便達21%,大型住宅單位也升11%。而且 現時市民供款負擔比率已達50%,如按息加3厘,比率更達65%,遠超過去20年平均水平50.4%。另一方面,外地人士買港樓的比例,亦由08年的 3.1%,增至去年的19.5%。因此政府有必要再出招,配合增加供應下,期望樓市可以回復健康發展。



中信証券國際證券研究部房地產行業執行董事顏偉洪也指,樓市會即時受遏,交投下跌。但在低息及資金氾濫下,效用會慢慢失去。至於對外地客及公司客如跨國企 業及其外籍僱員也徵重稅,他說,此舉會扭曲市場操作,令外人覺得本港自由度下降,不過,相信不會太影響形象,因只是加重他們來港買樓的負擔,而非摒諸門 外,他們也可選擇租樓。

兩 項新措施被質疑進一步減低放盤意欲,變相減低單位供應,財經事務及庫務局局長陳家強指,稅項旨在控制需求,否認出招會減低樓市供應。他補充,SSD限制供 應的說法不正確,並強調SSD確有效阻嚇樓市炒賣。





樓價攀升 負資產年代終結


香港文匯報訊(記者 黃嘉銘)樓價屢創新高,市況持續乾升,連帶不少97貨及SSD貨賺錢離場,市場上負資產單位可謂近乎絕跡。在業主普遍惜售單位下,盤源短缺情況嚴重,二手市場持續價升量跌,成交量減少下,按揭貸款的申請個案及金額批出量均持續回軟。



 事實上,金管局負資產統計,始於2001年第3季。最高峰是2003年第2季沙士後,有 105,697宗,涉及未償還貸款金額1,650億元,當時CCL指數跌至32點的歷史谷底。隨著2003年第3季見底回升,由熊市轉牛市,樓價反覆向 上。至2008年第二季時負資產宗數一度跌至936宗。不過,同年第4季一場金融海嘯,負資產再度飆升至10,949宗的高位,但之後市場極速反彈,僅三 個季度已收復失地,2009年第3季回落至835宗負資產,之後數字一直下降,至今年第二季只有5宗,涉及金額亦跌至只有1,600萬元。 


 然而,市況持續價升量跌,儘管有多個新盤開售且銷情理想,但整體市場交投量持續偏軟下,按揭貸款額 和量都明顯減少。9月新批出的按揭貸款額較8月減少11.1%至224億元。當中,涉及一手市場交易所批出的貸款減少32.1%至28億元;涉及二手市場 交易所批出的貸款減少8.2%至167億元。至於涉及轉按交易所批出的貸款則維持在30億元。9月新申請貸款個案較8月份按月減少12.8%至 12,227宗。9月份新取用按揭貸款額則按月增加11.4%至183億元。

政府疑報假數 福島4成魚輻射超標



 日本海洋生物學家山崎稱,受損核電站仍不斷洩漏銫,料污染附近一帶海產逾10年,福島近海打撈的魚 類仍不可對外供應。綠色和平的報告批評日本政府浪費時間淨化疏散區,忽視民眾聚居地的清潔工作。輻射專家特勒稱,部分政府檢測站設於已淨化地區,輻射數據 遠低綠色和平的檢測站,質疑當局蓄意報假數。


2012年10月26日 星期五


人民銀行在七月頭減咗利息, 所以之後在大陸銀行存款利息半年 2.8%, 一年 3%, investtalk-lisa.blogspot.hk/2012/07

早期在香港銀行存人民幣定期得個可憐的0.85%, 但近幾個月有咗變化, 因為人民幣存款利率愈升愈高, 而今日老公做咗一單人民幣定期, 半年有 3.05%, 已追過澳元定期利息啦 !

睇來咁搞法, 遲下存在大陸的港人人民幣會慢慢流回香港銀行 !

倫敦金北上呃人 警搜港九拘2人

買金銀, 一定要買實金實銀, 紙資產好易化為烏有 !


香港文匯報訊 (記者 杜法祖) 倫敦金騙局再難騙到香港市民,詐騙集團轉移目標,在內地開辦講座,以高回本引誘內地投資者購買倫敦金,其後表示資金蝕光,過去3年間已有25名內地人受 騙,涉款高達2,400萬元。警方商業罪案調查科接投訴追查,昨日採取行動搜查港九多處地點,拘捕2名公司負責人,並檢走大批相關文件及電腦,目前正追緝 另1名公司負責人下落。






Silver Demand In China For Wealth Protection to Climb to Record 7,700 Tons


OCTOBER 25, 2012

Bloomberg reports that Chinese silver demand is set to climb nearly 10% next year as investors look to preserve their wealth.

Although China as the 2nd largest world economy may be in an economic slump, investors are seeking out silver as a value alternative investment.  Silver climbed 15% this year and ETF’s holding silver have gained 6.5%. Research from Beijing Antaike said that 33% of the country’s demand comes from jewellery and coins, the rest for use in photography, solar panels electrical appliances.

“Many producers and investors have hoarded the precious metal in the form of ingots or unwrought silver.”

After the US Fed’s QE1, (December 2008-March 2010) silver rocketed 53%, almost twice the jump as gold, and for QE2, (ending June 2011) silver rose 24%. Morgan Stanley predicts that silver will again return more than gold after QE3 was announced this September.

Chinese national statistics show that jewellery sales rose 19.3% for the first eight months compared to last year.

 “I’m bullish on silver, so I personally have stockpiled 3 tons of it at home,” Yang Guohui, president at Hunan Yishui Rare & Precious Metals Recycling Co., said in Xiamen on Oct. 17. Yishui is based in Yongxing County, Hunan province, where about 20 percent of China’s silver is from, according to Huang Xiaoming, head of the local precious metals management bureau.

The spread that Chinese investors pay to the overseas prices is $40/kilogram which is due to government tax and transportation costs.  In May 2011, this grew to over $200/kilogram on the Shanghai Gold Exchange amid mass speculation.
Chinese solar power may increase demand. The government is growing the number of installations from 2.6 gigawatts in 2011 to 21 gigawatts by 2015.

Metal output from China who is the 3rd leading producer could reach 13,000 tons this year from mining, smelting, refining and recycling, according to Wang Jian, deputy head of the China Nonferrous (1258) Metals Industry Association.


By SRSrocco:
In less than two years, the Chinese Mint has increased the production of its 1 oz Chinese Silver Panda 1233%, from 600,000 per year to 8 million in 2012.
Even though this is certainly a massive increase in just two short years…. this may only be the beginning of something really big that is being planned by the Chinese Mint.

According to Louis Golino’s article “China Strives to Make Silver Pandas as Popular as American Silver Eagles“, we have just begun to see just how many Silver Pandas the Chinese plan on minting.
If we take a look at the chart below, we can see that the Chinese Silver Panda production figures have increased substantially since 2010:

According to Jim Orcholski who runs J & T Coins LLC Blog.com, quoted from the article above:
The main reason the mintage of these coins was increased so much starting last year is that it became legal in 2011 for Chinese citizens to own silver coins. This means that a lot of 2011 and 2012-dated coins remain in China.
Jim went on further to say:
Despite the major increase in mintage the coins are not getting any easier to locate in the U.S. Mr. Orcholski said supplies are tight and that he was only able to secure one-third of the quantity he requested. He added that his distributor was unable to say when more coins might be available.
I had an email exchange with Jim over the past few days and I asked him what he thought might be the 2013 mintage forecast for the Chinese Silver Panda. He stated they he and a few other coin dealers thought it would be at least 10 million.

If the Chinese want to make their Silver Panda as popular as the American Silver Eagle, I would imagine they would want to increase its production to over 40 million eventually… and this may be just for starters.

We must remember the Chinese Population is three times that of the United States. Once silver becomes popular in China, demand for the 1 oz coin could reach an easy 75-100 million in a single year. Of course, I doubt this would occur in the next few years, but I could possibly see these sort of figures within the next 4-5 years.

2012年10月25日 星期四

金價已見底 ?


黃金價格圖剛好倒轉, RSI 在低位, 所以金價有機會已見底 !

恒指見頂 ?

RSI 已去到高位, 小心市場回調 !

Gold is going to and through $3500


The legendary Jim Sinclair sent an email alert to subscribers tonight advising readers that QE∞ cannot stop even temporarily or the dollar would collapse due to the economic implications. 
Sinclair states the current bullion bank generated corrections in the metals are nearing completions, and guarantees that gold will trade above $3,500/oz. 

From Jim Sinclair:
1. The entire reason that I launched into the explanation of spread trading was to demonstrate how it is used to manipulate markets.
2. Recognizing the multiple blocks at $1775 and $1800, it was obvious a line was being drawn in the sand.
3. In that market situation a reaction was reasonable to anticipate.
4. I wanted to drive home to you the fact that all the market drama as seen today is manufactured by the gold banks.
5. QE cannot stop or the economic implosion would blow up your computer screen.
6. If some nitwit Chairman tried to stop QE you would have a few days of dollar strength followed by a collapse of the currency based on the economic implications.
7. Then gold’s highest possible estimates would come into focus as the downward spiral already in place in the Western world did in fact present itself as a black hole.
8. The event horizon to a total collapse is QE to infinity, as was anticipated.
9. QE’s focus is to prevent financial balance sheet collapse both privately and publicly internationally.
10. Jobs are only created the way Roosevelt did it, and that was by Federal invention of jobs if required when conditions are as they are now. Remember the conservation corp and all the make-work jobs that were invented in the 30s?
11. The thought that any candidate can change the present situation is intellectual garbage of those who do not even know there is economic law. Once violated, those laws brings consequences.
12. This, like all reactions, will be completed when it is completed, and that will be soon.
13. You could see the spread cartel working all day.
14. Do not be stampeded into turning over your gold investments to the greedy shorts now open mouthed and waiting like a wolf for its prey.
15. Simply ignore this, taking my hand in the knowledge that this is no different from the many similar plays made by exactly the same people all the way from $248 to the $1900s.
16. Email me if you are confused or simply need my help.
17. I will personally return your communications, answering your questions.
18. Gold is going to and through $3500 and those that find this humorous are the same people that laughed and scorned me at $529.40 when I told you that the very long term breakout had occurred, the strongest magnet among all was $1650 and gold would trade there and above.

Please shut off your quote machine and email me before your emotions drive you wild and directly into the mouth of the wolf, the short spreader.


全民退保 是生機還是死局?

張超雄先生跟本唔識理財, 所以任由強積金戶口蝕錢 !

在經濟好時可以持有高增長基金, 而在經濟差時一定要轉保本基金, 還要睇基金投資在乜產品上 !

一位唔識理財的人, 又點可以為香港人策劃將來 ?

還有, 想跟美國個套, 將來 67歲都沒可以退休 ! 美國自身難保, 死路一條 !


【本報訊】一場特惠生果金風波再挑起全民退休保障的爭議,正值全城鬧爆「強積金,靠唔過」;工黨張超雄力撐全民養老金是基本權利,由勞、資、官三方供款, 財富重新洗牌,基層生活才有保障。主張自由經濟的科大經濟學系系主任雷鼎鳴則極力反對,認為全民養老變全民付鈔,歐洲諸國爆煲前車可鑑。


張超雄已許多年沒看過強積金戶口紀錄,「費事嘔血」;他說打工仔要九折支薪,還被高行政費蠶食,「唔蝕算偷笑」。他主張全民退休保障,哪管地產商還是地盤 工,退休後人人每月有3,000元養老,這不是敬老,也非扶貧,「係我哋應有權利」。
張 超雄曾在美國工作十多年,美國社會保障局每年都去信提他,退休後每月可獲千多美元養老金。以香港為家,卻要受美國保障,說來諷刺。重返立法會,他首個戰場 不是特惠生果金,而是全民退休保障,「家仲唔做,人口繼續老化,到時真係做唔切」。


「爭取全民退休保障聯席」早年經學者和精算師研究後,建議採勞、資、官三方供款模式,從強積金中勞資供款各抽2.5%,政府則斥資500億元作種子基金, 並向千萬元盈利的企業額外徵收1.9%利得稅,款項由政府管理,每月向長者派發3,000元。
出 生率減少,勞動人口降低,社會也憂慮全民退保將種下「長者享福,青年埋單」,甚至出現如日本「啃老族」現象,即子女不工作,靠父母養老金過活。張超雄說: 「老人受惠,唔等如年輕人唔受惠」,他舉例指,若子女現時每月給父母6,000元生活費,將來雙親可領養老金,也可減輕子女財政支出。
張超雄對全 民退保在未來五年會否真正落實,不敢樂觀,「扔咗2,200(指特惠生果金)出嚟,餓你唔死,但叫做咗,冇政治壓力」。當年政府推銷全民養老金,後來改推 強積金,工聯會轉軚支持,「佢哋認為得番個桔都好過冇,結果我哋全部九折支薪」。


說到長者生活津貼將硬闖財委會,香港科技大學經濟學系系主任雷鼎鳴劈頭一句:「政府家個方案唔夠好,過唔到都唔可惜!」他不是撐撤銷資產審查,而是認為 建議中的入息及資產限額定得不夠嚴謹,與全民退休保障只差一線,「長遠一定頂唔順」。強積金是打工仔的夢魘,在他眼中卻是唯一良策,認為只要實施「自由 行」,「肯定支持到退休生活」。
雷 鼎鳴不願披露年齡秘密,但假若他夠65歲、若「特惠生果金」人人有份,他說一定會去申領。「以前交咗咁多稅,有得攞點解唔攞番啲?」雷鼎鳴認為,大部份港 人均有「唔好蝕底」的心態,即使不需依賴這筆錢維生,亦會照樣申領。因此長者生活津貼必須設入息及資產審查,且越嚴謹越好,否則將為政府財政帶來極大負 擔。
他認為政府現方案雖有審查,卻不斷強調資產上限會盡量寬鬆,「即係冇用啦!」對於有議員提出撤銷審查,並將之視為過渡至全民退休保障的短期措 施,雷鼎鳴堅決反對。他指,全民退休保障依賴勞動人口供養退休人口,但香港人口持續老化,2041年時平均每個打工仔要供養0.88個退休人士,「根本唔 夠人畀你(政府)抽稅」。


至於爭取全民退休保障聯席提出的三方供款建議,雷反駁指「只係將啲錢由左袋拎去右袋」,抽走強積金一半供款,到頭來可能連累強積金的回報率,「兩頭唔到 岸」。政府雖有份供款,但「羊毛出自羊身上」,供款終究由納稅人承擔。將來如有人要求調高津貼金額,整個保障制度甚至有可能崩潰,預先儲起的資金「頂唔到 幾耐」。

2012年10月24日 星期三

US Airports to Remove 'Naked' Body Scanners


The Transportation Security Administration is removing full-body, X-ray scanners from major U.S. airports, and shipping them to less busy locations.

TSA introduced the so-called backscatter scanners, sometimes referred to as the "naked" X-ray machines, at U.S. airports in 2009. Many travelers were not happy that naked images of themselves were displayed to TSA officers in a nearby room. In addition to privacy concerns, travelers were concerned about radiation exposure. (Read more: The Skinny on Full-Body Scanners)
The replacement scanning machines offer less invasive, cartoon-like images of passengers. And you can even turn around after passing through the machine to see the same image TSA officer review.
The full-body, X-ray scanners will be removed from New York's Kennedy, LaGuardia and other major airports, the Associated Press reported. TSA said the decision was made to speed up security at busy airports. (Read more: Less Invasive, 'Gumby' Body Scanners to Debut at Boston Airport)
The full-body scanners will be shipped to smaller airports that have more time to screen passengers.
TSA spokesperson Sterling Payne said in an email to CNBC.com that health concerns were not a factor in the decision. "This change in deployment is in no way related to any public concerns about the safety of Backscatter."
To date, the less invasive "Gumby" scanners are in use at the following airports, the TSA confirms:
  • Boston Logan International Airport
  • Chicago O'Hare International Airport
  • Los Angeles International Airport
  • New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • Orlando International Airport
The following airports are next on the list for the less invasive millimeter-wave machines, according to Payne, though he didn't provide a specific timeline:
  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport
  • New York's LaGuardia Airport
Based on my recent travels, the more invasive X-ray machines are still in use at some of the busiest U.S. airports, including:
  • Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
  • Denver International Airport
  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  • Las Vegas McCarran International Airport
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
  • San Francisco International Airport
  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

2012年10月23日 星期二

300 Fake Perth Mint Gold Bars Discovered

小心假金銀產品, 因為愈來愈多假野推出市場 !

所以買新款式好過買舊款式(還要是剛推出市場新幣), 買小幣好過買大磚, 而直接去廠買更安全 !

有網友俾咗個大陸網本人睇, 個大陸廠可以製任何新款金銀幣, 而一千枚已有交易, 所以唔好以為新款幣就無假 ! 所以剛上市的就安全得多, 因為快極都要時間製假 !

個網頁就唔會貼出來, 費事叫人去製假 !


Less than a month ago news broke that 10 PAMP gold bars filled with tungsten had been discovered in Manhattan.  An SD reader then discovered a Chinese firm openly promoting the sale and production of tungsten filled gold bars and coins.
The tungsten filled gold scandal has just gotten exponentially larger, as an Australian Seven News investigation discovered 300 fake Perth Mint gold bars and uncovered a Chinese gold ‘forgery factory’.

The investigators were able to purchase 300 Chinese sourced 1oz gold bars for a total of $300- and to no one’s surprise, when the investigators melted down the bars, all 300 were discovered to contain roughly the same gold content as Fort Knox.

Seven News reports:

An Australian mint has called in the Federal Police after being shown evidence by Seven News that its gold bars are being counterfeited.
The investigation uncovered Chinese ‘forgery factories’ that will churn out fake bullion and even Australian coins, for a fraction of their face value.
“There are some poor people out there who have gone and bought these products thinking they’ve got a bargain and have actually been ripped off,” Ron Currie from the Perth Mint said.
At Wenzhou, in China’s south east, a suspicious discovery is made after taking a tour of one factory that makes medals and badges – there are thousands of samples.
On the front is stamped “Perth Mint Australia”, on the back are kangaroos – a close copy of the actual design used by the mint.
The tour guide doesn’t hold back when quizzed about the procedure.
“First we did the silver plating, then the gold plating,” he said.
What should be valued at $510,000, is actually counterfeited gold bars that Seven News paid $300 for (300 pieces at $1 each).
Mr Currie says while the number reaching Australia is relatively small, the damage can be significant – but there are tell-tale signs.
“If it looks like a deal that’s too good to refuse – you should refuse it. Secondly the quality – the quality is nowhere near as good as the real product,” he said.
“We’ll of course follow it through and take it up with the Australian Federal Police.
“The Australian Federal police are very helpful and are very interested in stopping counterfeits or copies coming into Australia.”
China has long forged Western products, but this is altogether different because it has the potential to do so much harm.
We again stress to our readers the importance of purchasing your bullion from a reputable dealer that purchases its product DIRECTLY from major wholesalers and refiners.

In other news, the Chinese forgery factory reported Monday a record 150 ton order from long time client the NY Fed

2012年10月22日 星期一

醒目提款人 破櫃員機騙案


香港文匯報訊(記者 杜法祖)沉寂一時的干擾櫃員機事件再現!油麻地彌敦道一家銀行的櫃員機,昨凌晨疑遭2名可疑男子「做手腳」,裝上懷疑讀卡器之類裝置圖謀不軌,幸事件及時 被提款市民揭發,通知銀行報警,疑人知事敗匆匆將可疑裝置拆走遁去。警方初步列作「有犯罪或不誠實意圖而取用電腦」案處理,由油尖警區刑事調查隊第7隊接 手,將憑現場閉路電視錄影資料追緝2名疑人,並深入調查犯案動機。


 現場為彌敦道570號基利商場大廈地下南洋商業銀行分行,疑遭人干擾的櫃員機安裝在該行一個臨街的 玻璃間格內。事發昨凌晨零時許,銀行一名44歲姓卓女職員接獲一名客戶來電,聲稱在使用上址一部櫃員機提款時,懷疑該機被人裝上一些物件干擾,導致操作途 中出現異常現象,覺有可疑馬上停止使用。卓聞訊認為事態嚴重,馬上報警求助。

 警員接報與銀行職員先後趕至了解情況,並立即翻閱現場的閉路電視片段,果然發現事發前有2名神秘男 子曾在櫃員機前出現,有人鬼鬼祟祟左顧右盼一番後,在櫃員機的入卡處附近,裝上一個不明小型裝置,隨即匆匆離去。不久後,一名到來提款的市民察覺櫃員機有 異樣,該2名一直在附近監視著櫃員機的神秘男子見狀,疑知事敗馬上折返,在櫃員機拆走可疑裝置後匆匆逃去無蹤。 


 涉及自動櫃員機的罪案在本港時有發生,手法亦層出不窮,2004年恒生銀行荃灣分行2部櫃員機,疑 被人安裝遙控針孔鏡頭,攝錄市民按入密碼的過程。另外2010年4月,礇豐銀行位於尖東東海中心地下一部櫃員機,亦遭人加裝針孔鏡頭和小型讀卡器,盜取客 戶資料,案中最少有12名銀行客戶的戶口有異常情況,共損失30萬元。另外,過去亦曾有不法之徒在櫃員機吐鈔坑槽貼上透明膠紙,造成「食卡」陷阱,藉以盜 取市民所提款項。 



2012年10月21日 星期日


有金條燒俾祖先 !

2013 Year of the Snake 1oz Silver Coloured Coin

在 SPC 買 700蚊, 依家 Perth Mint 還有貨, AUS $ 97.27

Australian Lunar Series II 2013 Year of the Snake 1oz Silver Coloured Edition at The Perth Mint, featuring:
  • 99.9% Pure Silver in Proof Quality
  • Magnificent Year of the Snake Tribute
  • Australian Legal Tender
  • Limited Mintage - 10,000
  • Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Presentation Packaging
Silver Content (Troy oz) 1
Monetary Denomination (AUD) 1
Fineness (% purity) 99.9
Minimum Gross Weight (g) 31.135
Maximum Diameter (mm) 45.60
Maximum Thickness (mm) 2.60
Designer Ing Ing Jong

2012年10月20日 星期六

美元地位不保 港元必須自保


現時以美元為貨幣儲備的世界貨幣制度,斷無可能延續下去。二○一二年九月十八日,身兼德國聯邦銀行總裁和歐洲中央銀行理事會成員的魏德曼(Jens Weidmann)於法蘭克福的銀行歷史研究所會議上發言,在解釋現時世界貨幣制度之主要弊病時,提及一百八十年前哥德(Goethe)經典作品《浮士 德》內「印銀紙」一段:魔鬼梅菲斯特(Mephistopheles)扮無知者,引誘財務有困難的國王簽發文件,將文件定為紙幣流通,代替金銀作貨幣以解 決其財務困難。當國王發現簽個名便能當錢用,當然大簽特簽,最後,貨幣供應大增,導致其國家物價失控暴升、社會動盪。

聯儲局已宣佈低息政策至二○ 一五年,維持低息及無限印銀紙,美元貶值必成大勢,因此港元斷無可能無止境與之掛鈎喪失購買力,港人亦無可能再為保持聯繫滙率,眼白白再損失幾千億港元財 富,香港長遠必須部署港元與美元脫鈎以自保。部署脫鈎的第一部、是降低現時外滙基金內美元資產的比例,增加黃金的比例。黃金價格在美國二○○三年實行低利 率政策以救其經濟後開始上升,由當時約三百美元一安士,升至現時近一千八百美元一安士,近六倍的升幅。換一個角度,美元兌黃金,同期貶值近八成!黃金在布 雷頓前後,均為世界各國的貨幣儲備。法國便曾於上世紀六十年代要求重新制訂以黃金為儲備的世界貨幣制度,以解決美國利用美元之獨特地位濫印銀紙此問題── 亦即是經濟學上的「卓利芬悖論」(Triffin Dilemma)。而德國聯邦銀行總裁魏德曼在上月的發言中,亦多次暗示黃金實為最佳的貨幣,並提到法蘭克福的銀行歷史研究所原來設有多種與哥德、浮士德 有關的圖畫和雕塑,以警惕德國民眾印銀紙之大害及貨幣穩定之重要。

事實上,近年多國正增購黃金作儲備,以應付美元持續貶值之勢。與此同時,國際結 算銀行(各國中央銀行之中央銀行),正研究在監管全球銀行業之巴塞爾協議III(The Basel III Accord)中,將黃金由現時的第三級資產,提升為第一級資產的地位(根據巴塞爾協議III,銀行須持有比現時更多的第一級資產)。種種迹象顯示,世界 金融局勢正在改變,黃金正逐步回到世界貨幣制度的中心。

根據世界黃金協會數據,現時黃金佔美國之儲備約七成五,佔德國的七成二,佔歐羅區的六成 三。而按香港金融管理局二○一一年尾數據,美元資產佔外滙基金七成八,港元資產佔百分之七,其他貨幣佔一成四,沒有黃金。香港實可參照美國、德國、歐羅區 的比例,立即增加黃金於外滙基金之比例,在正式脫鈎前,先保數代港人辛勤建立之財富。


美 國濫發債印銀紙,最終於一九七一年關閉黃金窗,變相令美元大幅貶值(兌黃金),換來的是世界油價十年上升近十倍、物價暴漲、經濟動盪。美元在一九七七年至 一九八一年期間更因此損失近半購買力。以史為鑑,美國行量化寬鬆,無限發債印銀紙,卓利芬悖論又再重現。美元地位不再,港元必須利用黃金以自保。


2012年10月19日 星期五


李澤楷穩奪ING香港泰國 作價172億大搞金融業

見到呢段新聞突然諗起科網爆煲前的 tom.com !

當時佢掉好多錢落水海, 所以希望依家唔一樣 !


【本報訊】李澤楷收購荷蘭國際集團(ING)的港、泰業務近尾聲!消息人士指,李澤楷將以約22億美元(約172億港元)的作價奪得ING的香港和泰國業 務,預計消息最快今日正式公佈,李澤楷的亞洲金融大亨夢將又近一大步。
記者:石永樂 據路透社引述消息人士透露,ING將以約172億元出售本港及泰國保險業務予李澤楷,據悉,雙方已進入最後談判階段,協議亦接近完成,最快可望今日公佈, 但亦可能延至下星期公佈,ING及李澤楷的發言人均拒絕就報道作出評論,消息人士則指,有關交易將以約22億美元成交。而英國《金融時報》昨則報道,李澤 楷將以接近24億美元(約187.2億港元),奪得ING的港、泰業務。


為償還荷蘭政府於金融海嘯時的注資,ING必須於2013年前剝離其保險業務,自年中起市場已傳出其將「斬件」放售亞洲保險資產的消息。上周ING先以 135億元將馬來西亞業務售予友邦保險(1299),當時就有報道指,ING擬將香港、日本及泰國業務綑綁出售,價值約234億元,潛在買家只餘下李澤楷 和宏利(945),當中又以李澤楷的出價較高。
基 金經理表示,「即使唔用父親的錢,李澤楷個人絕對有能力應付今次的收購。」問題是收購後將有何部署,「佢一向都鍾意保險同傳媒,但始終最鍾意都係做 deal(買賣),未來絕對有可能將保險業務整合上市。」


事實上,李澤楷沾手保險業已不是近年的事,早於1994年,他就以3億元收購鵬利保險,其後改組為盈科保險,五年後將盈保上市時已「回本」,及後於 2007年,李澤楷將盈保50.5%股權賣給富通保險,套現逾30億元。2010年,李澤楷再透過其私人持股的盈科拓展以5億美元(約39億港元),向美 國國際集團(AIG)購入資產管理業務柏瑞投資(





【2010】以約39億元向AIG購入資產管理業務柏瑞投資PineBridge Investments


2012年10月18日 星期四

Australian Gold Sales to China Soar 900%

佢講緊我地呀 !


While Congress argues over labeling China a currency manipulator, China is busy continuing to massively increase their physical gold and silver reserves. The Australian reports that Aussie gold exports to China have soared a mind-blowing 900% over the first 8 months of 2012 to $4.1 billion as Chinese buyers are hoarding the precious metal.

Sales soar 900pc as China makes grab for Aussie gold
GOLD has soared past coal as Australia’s second most valuable physical export to China, with sales up a whopping 900 per cent for the first eight months of the year, bringing in $4.1 billion.

Chinese buyers are hoarding the precious metal amid a slowing economy, property-buying restrictions and uncertain financial markets as its central bank increases its holdings.

London Trader - The LBMA Is A Massive Ponzi Scheme

買金銀要買實貨, 因為紙金紙銀可以違約, 到金銀大升時, 期貨崩盤時, 你可以乜錢都收唔返 !


On July 20th, the ‘London Trader’ told King World News, “The LBMA’s price fixing scheme is coming to an end.”  Gold quickly rose $200 after that interview.  Today the source now tells KWN the LBMA has, “... incredibly large quantities of paper silver and gold being traded each day, but the real problem here is there is virtually nothing to back this up.”  The source also said, “This is all part of the LBMA Ponzi scheme.”

King World News has now released a total of three written interviews with the London Trader.  This is the third in a series of blockbuster interviews which uncovers what is happening behind the scenes in the gold and silver markets.  The source also discussed the incredible tightness in the physical silver market.

Here is what the source had to say in Part III of the interview:  “The physical silver market is extraordinarily tight.  It’s insanely tight right now.  In other words, there isn’t any for sale.  We are seeing large premiums in places like Shanghai.  If a buyer wants size in physical silver, you are going to have to wait a long time.”

The London Trader continues:

“When the commercials see a large order enter the market, they just turn the market around.  They don’t have that quantity of silver in inventory.  Every day the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) clears 5,000 tons of silver, and between 600 and 700 tons of gold through paper trading.  When you think about it, that is a ridiculous amount.

This is all part of the LBMA Ponzi scheme.  You have these incredibly large quantities of paper silver and gold being traded each day, but the real problem here is there is virtually nothing to back this up....

Continue reading the London Trader interview below...

“So they have paper silver as an example, and it’s heavily leveraged.

So if I turn up to the LBMA and I say, ‘Out of your 5,000 tons of silver that you clear every day, I just want 300 tons.’  It shouldn’t be a problem.  It shouldn’t even cause a ripple.  But when you think about it, and that physical silver is leveraged 100 to 1, that’s more than the annual mine production of silver for the entire year when you do the math, including the leverage implications.

Of course they can’t deliver the 300 tons.  They don’t have it.  So when you actually go and send a Brinks truck to go and pick this silver up at the back door of Scotia Mocatta, you aren’t going to get it.  An order like that takes at least two months to get filled.

The problem right now is that there is such a large overhang of orders in both of these markets, and specifically silver.  Every day there are people turning up at the fix to buy physical, regardless of price.  As the markets are taken down, it exponentially increases the amount of physical silver that needs to be filled.

I would also add that the local traders are heavily short now.  So we are seeing a large short position building in silver on this price decline.  And don’t forget, the COT reports are groomed.  I don’t trust them. 

So when they see a large physical order enter the market, that’s the point where the commercials start covering.  Remember, the gold and silver markets on the COMEX are all about chasing out leveraged longs.  That’s all that market is about right now.

But we will see a day when silver can no longer be capped through paper trading and various games being played at the LBMA and COMEX, and in the end, it will be the physical market which will be the deciding factor.  At that point you will see the real price of silver for the first time, and it will leave people in disbelief.”




【本報訊】人民幣滙價續創新高,每百港元兌現鈔「人仔」亦越換越少,內地多間大行昨率先提供破八算兌換牌價,傍晚更新後的網上訊息顯示,港元兌人幣現鈔牌 價,每百港元僅兌79.87元(人民幣.下同),而本港銀行普遍提供的兌換價則為80.3元,即每百港元在港較內地換多不足5毫子人仔。


人 幣滙價昨連續第2天創滙改後新高,收報每美元兌6.2545元。工行(1398)、建行(939)、中行(3988)及交行(3328)等四間國有銀行, 傍晚顯示的網上現鈔買入價均為每百港元兌79.87元,賣出價則介乎80.81至80.84元;招行(3968)買入價為每百港元兌79.95元。

2012年10月17日 星期三


可以見到, 銀價俾壓, 爭戰激烈, 無金價升得多 !

2012年10月16日 星期二



志雲大師今年初入主商台後,不斷改革節目,先向娛樂節目埋手,小欣姐都係因為咁走咗去無綫,新近輪到881嘅財經節目,兩位「燈神」孫柏文同火燎森逢周一 至五(周三跑馬除外)晚上10點半至11點嘅《星火燎原》,做埋呢個星期五就摺,下周一改由歌手葉宇澄主持音樂節目。


據 講《星火燎原》摺埋嘅另一個原因係「骷髏會」唔夠人氣。商台09年搵孫柏文、火燎森一班人搞免費財經社交平台骷髏會,衍生《星火燎原》呢個節目,三年過 去,骷髏會越來越冇聲氣,加上港股持續淡靜,輪商一早抽晒啲廣告,少咗呢班大客仔,又冇其他金融機構肯「夜麻麻」落廣告,咁就要摺嘞。



是否只是震倉 ?
還要睇多兩日 !

2012年10月14日 星期日

More Stunning Developments In The Gold & Silver Markets

呢篇文說, 來緊金銀市場可能出現大波動, 因為睇好和睇淡大戶都已加多好多盤預備攻勢 ! 而使人擔心的是, 好多散戶都加入睇好個面, 所以驚有大震倉 !

買實金實銀, 貨在自己手, 就算價格大波動, 你手上的金銀都唔會少到 ! 不過如果你是用孖展去炒金銀, 遲下輸咗都唔知發生乜事 ! 小心, 小心 !


Today King World News is reporting on incredibly important developments taking place in the gold and silver markets.  Acclaimed commodity trader Dan Norcini told KWN, “... those big swap dealers we were talking about last week, which made the very rapid transition from being net long, to very large net shorts (in silver), they now have the largest net short position they have had since January 2008, Eric.”  

Norcini also warned, “This is a very big build by the swap dealers on the short side of silver, against a very big build on the long side by the hedge funds.”  Norcini has been stunningly accurate in his predictions of the movement of the gold and silver markets.  Now the acclaimed trader discusses incredibly important developments in both gold and silver:  “If you start with the gold Commitment of Traders Report, Eric, one thing we talked about last week was the overextended position of the speculative longs in this market.  They are building a very sizable net long position.
Dan Norcini continues:

“When you look at the hedge funds, the hedge funds now have their largest net long position in a little bit more than a year now.  So they (hedge funds) continue to buy, and they are generally getting up in the area now that they are starting to become a little bit lopsided on the long side.

We had some liquidations of longs from the small speculators....

Continue reading the Dan Norcini interview below...

“That was the one we were really worried about last week because they (small speculators) were at an all-time high for a net long position (in gold).  They did liquidate some of their longs, Eric, but that being said, they are still at a very high level of exposure on the long side of the market.

Even the large reportable (traders) continue to add to the net longs.  So these speculators persist moving in on the long side of the market.  Meanwhile, you have the commercials continuing to add on the net short side, and they are approaching a pretty sizable short position (in gold).

Their all-time record was about 237,000 on the net short side (for the commercials), Eric.  They are now at roughly 218,000 net short.  That’s a sizable net short position they are building.  Normally that doesn’t concern me to see that because speculative buying is what drives the markets.

The problem we have now is when you have a market that’s stalling near an obvious resistance level of $1,800, this build is continuing to occur with the speculators on the long side, and the big commercials and swap dealers on the short side.

So what we are seeing now is some guys are starting to go after this relatively overextended (long) position among the speculators, trying to force some downside action, trigger some sell-stops, knock this (gold) market lower, and push out some of these weaker hands. 

Again, that action we are seeing in the after-market hours (gold down an additional $5, and silver down another 20 cents) is indicative of what the shorts are trying to accomplish here.  So it looks like they have some near-term momentum to the downside. 

This might follow through into Sunday night, and possibly early next week.  We might see some of these guys (small speculators) get forced out of some of their long positions, and that might bring us down to test the support at $1,740 pretty early next week.  I’m going to be watching that in gold.”

Norcini also added: “In silver we have a very similar thing taking place as well, Eric.  The hedge funds net long position in this market is the largest they have had in about two years now.  So here we are with a very sizable build among the hedge fund community on the net long side of the market. 

Meanwhile, and I think this is very noteworthy, those big swap dealers we were talking about last week, which made the very rapid transition from being net long, to very large net shorts (in silver), they now have the largest net short position they have had since January 2008, Eric.

So we are talking almost five years here.  This is a very big build by the swap dealers on the short side of silver, against a very big build on the long side by the hedge funds.  The big commercial end users, they are not near levels we’ve seen in the past that are excessively lopsided on the short side.

The swap dealers are doing the digging on the short side more recently here than the big commercials.  Either way, these markets definitely have a lot of potential here for some liquidation if the support levels in silver get taken out to the downside.

As you said, silver dropped another 20 cents in the after-market.  This is very close to testing a major support level here now as we begin the week Sunday night and into Monday morning.  If this thing (silver) drops below $33.30 Sunday or Monday morning, we are going to see some additional downside.

We’ve got the potential here for some downside action.  Doesn’t mean we are going to get it, but we have to watch these support levels in both gold and silver because we do have the firepower necessary now to take this thing down a little bit more sharply if those support levels are taken out.” 

I would just add to what Norcini said here,  for KWN readers around the world that dollar cost average into physical gold and silver each month, if next week is the week you are scheduled to buy, go ahead and buy.  Do not try to time these markets.

For investors looking to pick up shares in the mining sector, if we do get additional weakness in the metals, the 475 to 480 are on the HUI (Gold Bugs Index) might be a good place to add to positions.

For investors that already have their positions in physical gold, silver, and the mining shares, do not let consolidations or corrections, which are normal during during secular uptrends, shake you out of your positions.  Readers have to remember that very few human beings have the ability to hold their positions throughout an entire bull market.  The key is to have incredible patience, conviction, and at times, courage.  I promise you that all three will be necessary to hold on until the eventual mania.

2012年10月12日 星期五

Wynter Benton Group States Will Demonstrate Ability to Move Silver Beginning 10/16

10月16日後有戲睇, 銀價可能會俾推上 50美元 !


Wynter Benton, the group who claim to be former JPM commodities traders with a grudge against Blythe Masters, and who recently stated that MF Global was pulled to prevent the group from standing for delivery in silver and that silver will trade above $50 by the end of 2012 has posted another statement.
The group claims that beginning Tuesday 10/16, the group will demonstrate their ability to move the price of silver by updating their moves in REAL TIME, and advise silver investors to hold onto their seats!

October 16 to October 23, 2012

By wynter_benton . Oct 10, 2012 10:58 AM 
The Leader wishes to inform our followers that the group will be demonstrating our ability to move the price of silver between October 16 to October 23, 2012.
We will be updating our moves in real time during this period. Hold on to you seats because what you are about to see will dwarf what we did in February 2011.
….do da, do da…..
Sentiment: Strong Sell(JPM)

Embry - This War In Gold & Shorts Getting Overrun


Today John Embry told King World News, “We are literally witnessing a war between the physical buyers (Eastern central banks), and the paper manipulators (commercials or bullion banks), and that is why there is such a fierce battle being waged in gold between $1,735 and $1,800.”  Embry also stated, If the commercials run into trouble (with their massive short positions), KWN readers will see a move in gold that will leave them breathless.  

Here is what Embry, who is Chief Investment Strategist at Sprott Asset Management, had to say:  “This is one of those moments in the gold market where there is a distinct possibility that we will see a commercial signal failure.  A commercial signal failure is an extremely rare event, but we could well be setting up for just such an occurrence right now.”

John Embry continues:

“The commercials are massively short gold at the moment, and each time they try attempt to drive the price of gold lower, there is a solid wall of physical buying they are running into.  I just don’t think they anticipated this.  Meanwhile, the Eastern buyers, such as China, are delighted the commercials keep trying to push gold lower.

But now we are getting to the point where there is a distinct possibility that the bullion banks may run into some serious trouble with their enormous short positions....

Continue reading the John Embry interview below...

“If the commercials run into trouble (with their massive short positions), KWN readers will see a move in gold that will leave them breathless.  But you have to remember that this is a rare event, and it hasn’t happened yet.

When you look at what the IMF just stated about European banks having to deleverage $4.5 trillion of assets, who is going to buy that?  It will be the ECB, and they will have to print money to accomplish that.  The IMF has already raised this $4.5 trillion once already, and you can be sure the final figure will be even higher than what they are stating now.

This means there will be enormous money printing going forward.  People in Europe can’t even begin to imagine the scale we are talking about.  The ECB will do this printing in stages, in order to decrease the shock on the populace.  There are too many people in the North, particularly in Germany, that are worried about a currency collapse.  So this situation, like so many others, has to be managed very carefully.

People have talked about a $2 trillion bazooka in Europe, but the printing won’t stop at $2 trillion.  Egon von Greyerz has talked about tens of trillions of dollars that will need to be printed.  I just don’t think people fully understand what the corresponding move in gold will be as the money printing really begins to accelerate. 

Jim Sinclair correctly identified that there would be ‘QE to infinity,’ and he has talked about this, but I still don’t think people truly grasp the horror of the destruction that will take place, in terms of the loss of purchasing power in the various fiat paper currencies as the printing presses are really heated up.

Circling back to gold, what this means is the demand for physical gold is only going to increase.  This is why the price rise will steepen over time.  The bottom line is the physical market is already tight with the current demand.  As the demand increases, it will be very costly at that point to acquire physical gold.

If you bring this back around to my earlier comments about the possibility of a commercial signal failure, the countries in Asia have figured out the devaluation game and they are buying very large quantities of physical gold.  So as I mentioned, they are the ‘wall‘ of buying the commercials are running into in the mid $1,700s. 

We are literally witnessing a war between the physical buyers (Eastern central banks), and the paper manipulators (commercials or bullion banks), and that is why there is such a fierce battle being waged between $1,735 and $1,800.  It will be fascinating, Eric, to see how this is resolved in the gold market.”

2012年10月11日 星期四

一套 2013 澳洲 Perth Mint 普製蛇銀幣

2oz + 1oz + 0.5oz

呢款銀幣價錢接近 spot, 所以好值得買, 而最高溢價是 1oz(因為是限量發行300,000枚), 而最低溢價是 10oz(沒計大過10oz的)

SCS 和 SPC 差不多同時間銀價還在 32美元樓下行時推出來賣, 所以價錢平; 之後銀價就大升, 所以銀幣價格跟升了, 而一早訂咗幣的朋友就好著數買到平銀幣 !

所以大家買銀幣, 好彩有 SCS 和 SPC !

New Zealand Post 2011 Yellow Eyed Penguin Silver Proof coin

Denomination:     New Zealand five dollars (NZD $5)
Finish:     Proof
Composition:     Pure silver (0.999)
Weight:     31.10g
Diameter:     38.7mm
Edge treatment:     Milled
Shape:     Round
Obverse design:     Portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley, England
Reverse design:     The Yellow-eyed Penguin featured in its natural habitat
Mint:     The Royal Dutch Mint
Worldwide mintage limit:     4,000 coins

SCS 已賣完, 而SPC還有貨 580蚊 !

Australian Bush Babies II - Possum 2013 1/2oz Silver Proof Coin

賣 59.09澳元(買夠400澳元免運費)
  • Proof Quality 99.9% Pure Silver
  • Baby Possum Reverse Design
  • Australian Legal Tender
  • Extremely Limited Mintage - 10,000
  • Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Presentation Packaging

Silver Content (Troy oz) 0.50
Monetary Denomination (AUD) 0.50
Fineness (% purity) 99.9
Minimum Gross Weight (g) 15.591
Maximum Diameter (mm) 36.60
Maximum Thickness (mm) 2.30
Designer Elise Martinson

Kitco 賣 568蚊是貴咗, 不過勝在可以只買1枚, 又可以現場揀幣

2013澳洲灌木林系列II – ½盎司袋貂精鑄銀幣

港80後狂碌卡 人均欠卡數七萬七

一早說過, 想去投資, 先要學識理財 !


香港文匯報訊 (記者 方楚茵) 年輕人要威要豪又愛追潮流,碌卡消費人均✈債七萬七!一項調查顯示,港人平均24歲已開始聣卡數,平均每月碌卡6,685元,人均欠債76,790元,若 每月只還最低還款額,不計新簽帳都要還足17年,至41歲才完成這「還債耐力賽」。八十後須將每月36%的薪金用作清卡數,嚴重影響他們的買樓及結婚等人 生大計。

 在香港街頭巷尾、大學門前都經常見到銀行職員推銷信用卡,免入息證明、送禮品皆吸引不少大學生、 八十後一人申請幾卡,令部分剛踏入勞動市場數年,成為消費生力軍的八十後,更容易因幾卡在手,碌卡如觀音借庫,愈碌愈多,以致陷入債務危機,有人年紀輕輕 就申請破產逃債,嚴重影響個人前途,更有極端例子是自殺,令人惋惜。 

月簽卡近7千 較前年增30% 

 昨日一項由信貸公司和港大民意研究計劃合作,有關處理卡數結欠及理財態度的調查顯示,在506名欠 卡數的受訪者中,平均24歲已開始聣卡數,人均欠債達76,790元。調查又顯示,上述受訪者中,高達55%人平均曾擁有3.8張信用卡,而更有人坐擁高 達30張信用卡,堪稱「卡王」。而上半年平均每月信用卡總消費達6,685元,較2010年上升30%。 

最多擁卡30張 普遍持3.8張 



 在欠下大額卡數的情況下,八十後表示卡數影響人生大計,當中分別有46%及38%指欠卡數影響買樓 及結婚大計,因為他們在欠最高卡數時,還款佔收入比例高達36%,但現時供樓或租樓佔收入比例亦分別只佔收入的34%及29%,足見若在無欠卡數情況下, 八十後其實可更好利用該筆款項,更有機會完成置業夢。

2012年10月10日 星期三



【本報綜合報道】商品大王羅杰斯(Jim Rogers)表示,環球各國央行放水及貨幣量化寬鬆政策都註定失敗,目前正沽出股票以及債券。羅杰斯今日在台灣演講時指,全球央行印鈔票是解決不了經濟 實質面的問題,目前美國解決經濟困局的唯一方法,就是承認錯誤,讓該倒閉的企業倒閉,該關門的銀行關門,別對殭屍企業或銀行紓困。


對於美國的寬鬆貨幣政策,羅杰斯坦言QE1、QE2都失敗,QE3亦難以成功,認為QE3並不是美國近期失業率下降的主因。他幽默指,這麼多年來看報紙紙 經驗,學會「不要把政府的話當真,尤其是美國即將舉行總統大選。」

2012年10月9日 星期二


終於開得返個報價啦 !





第一  消費者在購買中國貴金屬紀念幣前,首先要查看是否為中國人民銀行發行的中國金幣總公司總經銷的題材產品,只要是國家發行的必須由中國人民銀行進行公告,消費者可登陸中國人民銀行官方網站等核實題材,如果在以上管道查不到,則多為假冒品。
第二  可以通過中國貴金屬紀念幣發行要素鑑別真假。
第三  可以通過中國貴金屬紀念幣工藝品質特點鑑別真假。
第四  還可通過鑑定證書鑑別中國貴金屬紀念幣真假。