2016年6月30日 星期四

The Pound & Euro For Month-End


We can see that the green uptrend line has been penetrated previously on this decline. Nevertheless, the euro is unable to rally beyond that 116 level where it elected the Yearly Bearish Reversal at year-end. So people have been impatient and always expect instantaneous moves despite the fact we warned the euro had to go back to retest the 116 level since it closed 2015 at 10869. We saw that rally but it was like watching paint dry. The markets have been extending this crisis because we are dealing with a very critical long-term event which may result in economy chaos globally by 2018. The retest of the 116 level stopped at 11616 during the week of May 2nd, which was 23 weeks from the lowest close the week of November 23rd, 2015. From this May high, the euro has elected two Weekly Bearish Reversals and now we have 10790 and 10705, You will see this is tends to be supported technically for that uptrend line lies at 10750. There is some additional technical support at the 10600 area. Nonetheless, we also have a Monthly Bearish at 10710. From a technical perspective, a closing below the May low of 11098 will be very bearish. AT the time of this posting, the euro is trading at 11104.

For all the yelling and finger pointing at the Brits and the politicians say look at the pound and that proves the “leave” camp was wrong, what they fail to grasp here is because Britain has its own currency, the pressure is funneled into the pound whereas the crisis takes shape in Europe by causing the peripheral bonds to decline and rates to rise in the open market. True, we have a Weekly Bearish Reversal at 13228. On the monthly level, all Bullish Reversals are above the 150 level. Our Monthly Bearish to watch is 13660 and with the pound trading at the time of this post at 13431, this remains a key resistance point. The pound did penetrated the 2009 low of 13508. Despite that 2009 collapse, the Monthly Bearish was 13680 back then which held confirming the temporary low was in place. This means we have 13660 and 13680 coming into play today. Indeed, the 13680 is also a Quarterly Bearish along with 13970. Therefore, if these are elected today, this means long-term we are looking at a retest of the 1985 low which many people though just a few months ago was a totally crazy forecast.

Nevertheless, a pound closing today below 13660 will warn that the long-term is in motion. We should see the retest of the 1985 level near par and slightly break it as soon as 2018. Even the oscillator on the quarterly level has plenty of room for such a decline.



【on.cc東網專訊】 外電引述消息指,人行容許人民幣逐步貶值。人行剛就此發表聲明,稱少數媒體連續發布有關人民幣匯率的不實消息擾亂外滙市場的正常運行,並客觀上助長了一些市場投機力量做空人民幣,當局對此等行為表示嚴厲譴責。





【on.cc東網專訊】 人民幣匯價大幅調整,但銀行人民幣定存年息未見太大波動,相對來說,大型銀行調整人民幣存息的幅度及節奏,不及中小行頻密,滙豐、恒生(00011)、渣打香港及中銀香港(02388)多月來未見有所調整,現時息率普遍維持1.5至3厘水平。




NOW 財經台講銀價

銀價下半年可能會見20-25美金, 所以接近18蚊都可以買啦 !


恐懼轉化為促動力 李嘉誠汕大講3個心法


【on.cc東網專訊】 長和系主席在汕大畢業典禮致詞時指,世界依然困擾重重,環境難以持續,不公平、不公正、不安、焦躁處處,令人畏懼。如何把恐懼轉化為促動力,有3個心法分享。





Q幣比特幣等虛擬財產 將正式受法律保護


【on.cc東網專訊】 12屆全國人大常委會第21次會議近日在北京舉行。會議首次審議全國人大常委會委員長會議提請的《中華人民共和國民法總則(草案)》議案的說明。其中有對 網絡虛擬財產、數據信息等新型民事權利客體做出規定,意味網絡虛擬財產、數據信息將正式成為權利。



Silver SOARS On Options Expiration!?! – Harvey Organ

睇下銀價期權結算後是否繼續向上行 ?


The June gold contract is an active contract. Last  night we had a fair sized 79 notices filed last night, for 7900 oz to be served upon today.  The total number of notices filed in the first 19 days is enormous at 15,600 for 1,560,000 oz.  (48.522 tonnes)

ii) in silver we had 0 notice filed for nil oz..  Total number of notices served  in the 19 days: 616 for 3,080,000 oz

We now have only one day left before first day notice tomorrow. Options expiry on the OTC and LBMA contracts expire around noon tomorrow. It is quite something that gold/silver have been holding up quite well in this last week of June which is options expiry week.  So expect a little weakness in the morning and then when options expiry is over, gold/silver will again rise northbound.  Silver will again try  its luck against the $18.50 barrier.

Let us have a look at the data for today
Several months ago the comex had 303 tonnes of total gold. Today, the total inventory rests at 288.78 tonnes for a loss of 14 tonnes over that period
In silver, the total open interest fell by a considerable 2099 contracts down to 211,396, BUT STILL CLOSE TO AN  ALL TIME RECORD. THE OI DECLINED DESPITE THE FACT THAT  THE  PRICE OF SILVER WAS UP BY 10 CENTS with respect to YESTERDAY’S trading.In ounces, the OI is still represented by just over 1 BILLION oz i.e. 1.057 BILLION TO BE EXACT or 151% of annual global silver production (ex Russia &ex China)
In silver we had 0 notices served upon for NIL oz.

In gold, the total comex gold OI FELL by a HUGE 5,736 contracts DOWN to 613,528 as the price of gold was DOWN $7.20 with YESTERDAY’S trading (at comex closing). 
With respect to our two criminal funds, the GLD and the SLV:
A big change in gold inventory. a huge deposit of 2.67 tonnes into the gold inventory/
Total gold inventory: 950.05 tonnes

a deposit of 760,000 oz into the SLV inventory
Inventory rests at 333.544 million oz.

First, here is an outline of what will be discussed tonight:
1. Today, we had the open interest in silver fell by 2099 contracts down to 211,396  DESPITE THE FACT THAT THE price of silver was UP BY  10 CENTS with YESTERDAY’S trading. The gold open interest FELL by a HUGE 5,736  contracts DOWN to 613,528 as the price of gold FELL by $7.20 YESTERDAY.
(report Harvey).

Silver Prices Surge Over $18 to 2 Year Highs

白銀昨天唔聲唔聲升上18美元 !


Silver has surged to nearly $18.50 this morning placing new post-BREXIT highs as the market seems to be suddenly pricing in massive new stimulus by The Fed, ECB, and BOE…

Silver is up .75 over the past 24 hours, and nearing critical overhead resistance at $18.50-$18.60.  

A move through $18.60 would likely send silver shooting towards $20/oz.

魚缸通:半年結 得個吉


【on.cc東網專訊】 港股上年半最後一個交易升番逾300點,分行經理都話好耐無試過咁熱鬧、咁多電話響。不過,總結上半年戰績,大部分散戶都「得個吉」,有啲仲蝕凸。唉!鬼叫今時唔同往日,上年大時代一瞬即逝,風光不再啦!




聯儲壓測德銀肥佬 IMF指為全球最大風險


【on.cc東網專訊】 國際貨幣基金組織(IMF)在其《金融部門評估規劃》中指,作為金融系統一個潛在的外部衝擊源頭,德意志銀行在全球最重要銀行(G- SIBs,globally systemically important banks)中,是最具風險性的金融機構,滙豐及瑞士信貸緊隨其後。




荷蘭人體工學滑鼠 紓手腕負擔


【on.cc東網專訊】 現今人們經常使用電腦,終日滑鼠不離手,若果握滑鼠姿勢不當或使用時間太長的話,輕則感到不適,嚴重的更可能會患上稱為「滑鼠手」的腕管綜合症。荷蘭一間公司便研發出一款人體工學滑鼠,聲稱有助避免這問題。



好霸道, 脫歐都擺脫唔到 ?

其實英國是第一個出來反抗俾人控制的西歐國家, 是第一個加入亞投行的國家 !


【on.cc東網專訊】 英國周三首度嘗到未來脫離歐盟後的滋味,歐盟領袖召開無英國首相出席的峰會後警告,倫敦必須接受歐盟的移民,才能進入歐盟的自由貿易區。



日本65歲以上長者佔人口逾1/4 全世界最高


【on.cc東網專訊】 日本人口老化問題嚴重,總務省周三公布2015年人口普查數據,當中發現65歲以上長者佔總人口比例超過四分一,是自1920年以來日本老年人口最高水 平,亦達至世界最高水平。另一方面,未滿15歲的人口比例則為世界最低水平,只佔12.7%。



隨着日本的出生率不斷下跌,人口老化情況加劇,早前更有專門治療不孕的醫生指出,有說法認為到了公元2500年,日本人口將減至剩下1000人,不排除會走向滅絕。 而香港亦有人口老化問題,根據政府統計處數據,2014年每6個人就有1人達65歲以上,推算到2064,每3人就有1人為65歲以上長者。

未附無輻射證明書 食安封存2400箱日本豬腳


【on.cc東網專訊】 一批由日本群馬縣進口的冷藏豬腳,並沒附帶由日本主管當局所簽發的輻射水平測試證明書,全部貨品已被封存,沒有流出市面。食物安全中心正跟進事件,如有足夠證據,會向涉事進口商提出檢控。


自 2011年日本福島核電站發生事故後,香港禁止最受影響的5個縣(包括福島、茨城、櫪木、千葉及群馬)的所有蔬菜及水果、奶和奶類飲品及奶粉進口香港。來 自上述5縣的所有冷凍或冷藏野味、肉類及家禽、所有禽蛋,及所有活生、冷凍或冷藏水產品,在進口香港前,須附有由日本主管當局所簽發的證明書,證明有關食物的輻射水平沒有超出指引限值,否則禁止輸入香港。

政府次季推7地涉4760伙 10季以來最多


【on.cc東網專訊】 政府公布本財政年度第2季(即今年7月至9月)賣地計劃,發展局局長陳茂波指出,政府計劃新一季推出7幅地皮提供4760伙,分布於元朗、畢架山、沙田、 觀塘、啟德及屯門。7幅政府地所涉單位按季增加160個或3.5%,為10季以來最多。市建局亦會推出1幅位於深水埗的住宅地,可提供80個單位;令來季提供單位合共約4840個。

陳茂波重申,香港沒有高地價政策,政府會全力以赴供應土地;一如以往,若有適合土地,或會在季內加入賣地計劃。政府對招標土地會定出一個底價,底價受當時市場環境影響。他稱現時難預測新一季招標情況,但對成績審慎樂觀。近期樓價雖然回落,仍有不少發展商落標。 對於流標及地價回落,他指出,地價跟隨物業市場變動,地價下調幅度往往較樓價更大,故政府推地較每年供應目標為多,是為了有空間遇上變數,亦可維持穩定供應。



2016年6月29日 星期三

Gold Pauses At Key Resistance – Stewart Thomson

金價升勢要抖抖, 等下一個藉口來推動 !


From Stewart Thomson:
  1.      In a boxing ring, size must be respected. In the same ring, a heavyweight champion fighter tends to absolutely destroy a flyweight fighter.  In the gold market, size must also be respected. 
  2.      Please click here now.
  3.      Trading volume size must be respected, and since late 2014 GDX volume has increased dramatically. In mid-2015, the already-huge volume size intensified, and even more so in 2016.
  4.      There’s no question that the $27 area highs represent significant resistance for GDX, and a pause in the upside fun at this point in time is perfectly normal.
  5.      Given the incredible value-oriented institutional enthusiasm about gold and gold stocks now, I’m very confident that any pause or pullback from $27 will occur on very light volume.
  6.      Overall, from a technical perspective, GDX and most gold stocks are performing at an “A Grade” level.
  7.      Please click here now.
  8. Gold bulls are battling the bears right now in this important price zone, just as gold stock bulls are battling gold stock bears in the $27 area in GDX.
  9.      The bottom line is that on a weekly chart basis, gold must close above $1336 and GDX must close above $27.61 to open the door to another significant price advance for the precious metals sector.
  10.      Do I think the bulls will succeed? Of course I do, but I’ll dare to suggest that in the Western gold community, emotions often run “hot”.  Even a small pause or pullback in the price of gold and GDX can produce outright panic amongst investors. 
  11.      I’d like to see as many Western gold community “citizens” as possible move beyond that mindset, and take a more relaxed approach to their holdings of the ultimate asset.
  12.      Institutional Brexit fears were large enough to push gold into the $1320 – $1336 resistance zone. Without more fears, gold will have a difficult time continuing its advance.
  13.      Please click here now. COMEX margins are being increased, and that also adds weight to the idea that gold needs a rest.
  14.  Also, please click here now.
  15.     Gold surged out of a beautiful bull flag pattern ahead of the Brexit, and made it to the 1000 GBP price zone, which is massive resistance.
  16.      If the gargantuan love trade of China and India can come to the rescue of fear traders that are facing strong resistance at GDX $27, gold $1320, and gold 1000 BGP, any pullback now is likely to be mild and short-lived.
  17.      On that note, please click here now. About 80% of India has now received monsoon rains.  The Indian government’s weather expert track the monsoon’s movement, and I follow it daily. 
  18.      It’s clear that only the North-Western crop zones of India have yet to receive monsoon rainfall, and I expect that to happen over the next 14 days.
  19.      As it becomes more evident that the upcoming harvest will be bountiful for India’s gold-obsessed farmers, banks and jewellers will loan the farmers money to buy gold for Diwali celebrations. Next, please click here now. After many months of sluggish action, China’s imports just surged!
  20.      The Chinese government has recently endorsed higher deficit spending, and the citizens appear to be quickly responding with increased demand for gold.
  21.      As love trade demand rises, any new fear trade event could cause an even more dramatic spike in the gold price than the Brexit did.
  22.      In the current environment, institutional money managers are clearly not comfortable with “risk-on” assets like stock markets and debt-soaked fiat currencies.
  23.      Unlike the Fed in America, the European central bank (ECB) has no European Treasury to back it in a crisis situation. That’s an upside price driver of gold of potentially gargantuan size, and the Brexit has magnified the dangers of an ECB collapse.  For GDX, the $25 to $20 area is a key buying area during any pullback, and I invite the entire Western gold community to join me in that key accumulation zone, if it happens!



【on.cc東網專訊】 港股收市後,市場焦點將由英國「脫歐」轉至香港時間今晚8時30分公布的美國5月個人收入、消費支出,以及美國5月PCE物價指數,這將是聯儲局主席耶倫 高度關注的通脹數據,對加息去向帶來重大啟示,道指期貨現升70點。以下為「收市10大要知」新聞:

1、英脫歐暫且放下 今晚830有更重要數據!
除 了英國「脫歐」餘波外,香港時間今晚8時30分將公布聯儲局主席耶倫甚為重視的通脹指標,這就是5月PCE物價指數,以及個人收入和支出數據,這一系列數 據在現時聯儲局加息猶豫不決之際,尤為令市場密切關注,可能暫時轉移英國「脫歐」的注意力。現時市場預期美國5月核心PCE物價指數按月料漲0.2%,按 年則料漲1.7%。
最 新美國聯邦基金利率期貨顯示,交易員預計聯儲局2016年7月加息概率為0%,減息概率為4%;9月加息概率為0%,減息概率為13.6%;12月加息概 率為8.6%,減息概率為12.2%,2017年6月加息概率為21.6%,減息概率為10.3%,12月加息概率為39.8%,減息概率為7.5%。

2、恒指收漲263點 脫歐重創股回穩

3、A股攻防:滬指收升0.6% 深指創指跌

4、歐股連彈兩日 銀行股續升
陸 續有歐洲銀行股被調低評級,惟在連日沽壓後相關股份有反彈,巴克萊升4.6%;滙控升2.02%;萊斯銀行升3.37%;蘇格蘭皇家銀行升3.28%。另 外,英國樓市數據好過預期,當地發展商股價分別升約1%;伊斯坦布爾機場發生恐襲,航空股個別發展,法荷航集團靠穩升0.71%;漢莎航空跌0.14%; 瑞安航空跌0.98%。

「末日博士」麥嘉華(Marc Faber)表示,英國「脫歐」是普羅大眾和常識的勝利;是人們為自由對抗一群只關心股票升跌、不關心民眾利益的政治金融精英的勝利,他並指,希望有更多國家退出歐盟這隻失敗「怪物」。

6、新股專輯:新股湧住嚟 你抽唔抽?

7、傳人行出手干預 離岸人幣終止4連跌

8、積金上半年平均蝕2% 股票基金「重災區」
今 年上半年環球市況波動,加上近日英國公投決定「脫歐」,拖累強積金上半年整體回報見紅,平均報酬率錄得負2.23%。當中股票基金類別為「重災區」,日本 股票基金表現最差,平均報酬率為負12.47%,歐洲股票基金也下跌了9.3%,香港股票基金也錄負7.18%回報率。債券基金在上半年回報最佳,環球債 券及亞洲債券基金分別錄得4.71%及4.33%增長。

利 嘉閣總裁廖偉強稱,今年初預計本港整體樓價全年跌約10%至15%,屬過分悲觀,估計在英國「脫歐」後,環球游資充裕,料最快年尾才加息,香港將發揮資金 避難所的作用,估計下半年中小型住宅樓價僅再跌2%至3%,全年最多跌7%,而豪宅方面,下半年樓價走勢平穩,料全年僅跌1.5%,他又預計,樓價再輕微 下跌後將會「暫時見底」。

10、劈價瘋潮:嘉湖減40萬 健威低市價8%



【on.cc東網專訊】 「末日博士」麥嘉華(Marc Faber)表示,英國「脫歐」,是普羅大眾和常識的勝利;是人們為自由對抗一群只關心股票升跌、不關心民眾利益的政治金融精英的勝利,並指,希望有更多國家退出歐盟這隻失敗「怪物」。




47中國人撤離遇襲土國機場 部分人受輕傷


【on.cc東網專訊】 土耳其伊斯坦布爾的阿塔圖克機場,於當地時間周二晚發生自殺式炸彈襲擊,死傷慘重。事發後,客運大樓內大批旅客慌忙逃命。內地傳媒報道,有約47名中國人撤離事發機場,部分人受輕傷,暫無中國公民死亡報告。



公投後英人申請護照激增 愛爾蘭外長籲冷靜


【on.cc東網專訊】 英國公投脫離歐盟後,不少英國人及北愛爾蘭人擔心會失去英國留歐時的權利;為保留歐盟公民的身份,許多人都趕着辦理愛爾蘭護照。由於申請人數激增,以致愛爾蘭有關部門難以應付,當局更要呼籲英國人不要急於申請愛爾蘭護照。

愛爾蘭外交部長佛蘭納根(Charlie Flanagan)表示,申請護照人數激增,對部門工作造成巨大壓力,他呼籲欲申請愛爾蘭護照的英國人冷靜,毋須急於現在申請。他指出,英國正式脫離歐盟尚需經過一段長時間的商討,英國人現時仍可以自由出入歐洲;但他承認,英國及北愛人申請愛爾蘭護照明顯增加,反映這些人擔心將失去自己作為歐盟公民可享有 的權利。


They Took Away the Gold: How the Rothschilds Created the NWO


From ETP:

We wrote the following article last Tuesday as a consequence of expanding on the key word “security” and what is its impact for most of us.  Then BREXIT happened on Friday.  Actually, BREXIT is all about security, concern about personal security for those who voted to get out of the elite spider trap called the EU.  A  few thoughts on that will be added following what was already prepared.

What is one of the most important feelings one can have for him of her self, for one’s family?  In a word, security.  Security that one is safe in their daily existence, from the time they leave home in the morning until the time they return at the end of the day, and all the time in between.  Security that their loved ones are always safe.  Security that their efforts for making a life for themselves, for the betterment of their family will not be taken away. Security that what one accumulates in the process of life will always be there.

Is that asking too much?

If you ask your family, your neighbors, your friends, all will say no.  If you ask the government, you will be viewed as a suspicious domestic terrorist for considering anything that is not government promoted and sanctioned.

Since when did the government become the Uberlord over all?  Who gave that permission?
No one!  The government took it, and in the taking, the government has snatched away everyone’s security.

Where did it start?  Follow the money.

When were the most prosperous and secure times for everyone [we will focus on America to keep it simple, not to be narcissistic]?  When the United States was first on a silver standard until 1834, and then on a gold standard until 1914, they were considered the most prosperous of times, and there were no taxes, no IRS, no overbearing government.

The United States was effectively on a silver standard until 1834, thereafter, it was on the gold standard until 1914, with the exception of the Greenback era (1862- 1879). No other countries have been on a gold standard for so long and, not coincidentally, no others have been so relatively prosperous as these two were during their gold standard eras.  The same can be said of Britain when it was on a gold standard for almost 200 years, starting in the early 1700s.

Gold and silver were supreme money during those times.  Everyone who had them also had financial security.  Those who had little or none were still beneficiaries of security because that is what the prevailing sense was at the time.  Some have always been better off than others, but the have-nots had their own relative sphere of security.

Not today.  The Rothschilds have essentially been the progenitors of what has become the globalist’s agenda of creating a New World Order to rule over everyone and everything.
How did it come about?  How has the fabric of security that used to be the cocoon each family spun for themselves develop only to have it ripped apart, and also of societies, even nations?

They took away the gold.  They took away the one thing that represented financial security as the building block for financial and personal independence.  No one needed government when they had their own ability to be free of outside control, which essentially means free of government control.  The plan of the Rothschilds-cum-globalists has always been to take away all the gold and replace it with infinite debt in the form of paper fiat.

The reality of security had gradually been replaced with the illusion of paper wealth.  The globalists counted on the public’s ignorance of what money is during their bait-and-switch from intrinsic value of gold and silver to the emptiness of the perception that paper was as good as gold.  It worked.

During the silver and gold standards, the value of the then-lawful dollar hardly changed over the span of 100 years.  Since the globalist’s foreign-owned Federal Reserve usurped the US Constitution and took control of the US money supply [as Rothschild doubled over with laughter from his grave], the value of a 1913 Federal Reserve Note today is worth about a few cents, give or take a penny.

Where once prosperity and security reigned for centuries, over the span of the last century, people now scurry about like lab rats, trying to eke out an existence while government interferes with every single aspect of daily life, where Orwell’s 1984 has become present tense, actually starting well before 1984, by many decades.

“Four legs good, two legs bad.”  The elites have used language to control and [mis]lead the masses.

Gold and silver have been replaced by paper [debt], plastic [debt], and now digitized accounting of debt [in the guise of supposed wealth].  The frogs [public] are boiling themselves alive, and sadly, those being boiled still look to the government that controls the heat as ironic “saviors.”  Black has become white.  Lies have become truths.  Life is a constant form of anxiety.  People are not happy.

How is it that the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize wants government control of guns in America as his own government arms the rest of the world with the deadliest weapons known to man?

How is it that people have allowed themselves to become so deficiently conditioned not to see the hypocrisy behind every form of government?

Even among those who own and hold gold and silver, their minds have still successfully been conditioned.  But to their credit, their innate sense that not all is as it seems in the faux “real world” that exists at the behest of the globalists and carried out by those who are in control of governments, including those who were never elected but still control the EU,
buying and owning gold and silver is the most sane act one can do.

“Stop The World, I Want To Get Off” is a title from a 1966 musical where the protagonist realizes who he is and why, after 35 years of making his decisions.  Those who opt to own and personally hold gold and silver are making the best possible decision and stand the best chance in life.  There may never be a return to the general security that gold and silver once freely represented, but owning either or both is the closest one will ever come to enjoying whatever degree once can in being secure in a very insecure world.

“Four legs good, gold and silver better.”

As to BREXIT, the closer it came to voting, the more optimistic the REMAIN camp became, especially after the senseless killing of Jo Cox, a British MP who favored the EU.
We commented on that tragedy, last week [Insanity Is World “Norm,” see pars 19-21].
The night before the vote, it became close to being taken for granted that REMAIN would prevail.  Our interest in the vote had a different twist to it.

On Monday, 20 June, we posted an article, “BREXIT: As Above, So Below,”  It was not an article so much as it was a repost from an Australian astrologer who is a Gann advocate, as we used to be many years back.  With the Summer Solstice and, more importantly, an afflicted Saturn passing over London at the time of the vote, [As Above, that which is occurring in the stars, impacts which occurs on earth, So Below.]  From this perspective, the government’s wish to remain in the EU seemed doomed.

Would it the Saturn astrological aspect fail and the elite’s government prevail, in light of the smug confidence of those in power on the night before and into the day of the vote?
The results turned out to be a shocker for those politicians in power seeking to enforce their will over the people so ruled.  We have been smiling ever since the results for exit were confirmed, and we trust Olga Morales was smiling even more.

All of the market response and upheaval weighs most heavily against those who created all of these precarious financial conditions, mostly the bankers themselves, willingly abetted by politicians beholding to the monied interests.  Probably, those least affected and not having an sense of panic are those who own and hold gold and silver.  In fact, their value
of holdings increased with no risk exposure to the panicking paper markets.

However, it is not over.  Never expect the elites to just roll over and go away.  They have too much at stake.  Typically, for those unelected politicians running the EU, whenever there is a vote against their interests, they hold another, and another if need be, until the voters “get it right.”  We also mentioned that the vote is non-binding.  The politicians can find a way not to have it enforced.

Given that all politicians are liars and their existence dependent upon the financial teat of the elite’s central bankers, which is how the central bankers have set it up in order to maintain to control over governments, we expect the will of the British people to eventually be ignored.  We would love to be proven wrong.

The charts say to expect more turmoil in the coming days and weeks as the fallout settles in and sorts matters out.  The key for gold and silver owners is to wait for clearer and less riskier opportunities that will arise in the weeks ahead.  Owners and holders of physical metals are seeing their holdings improve, and over time, they will improve even more.  We all know it is not “if,” but when.  Each passing month gets us closer to the elusive and unknown “when.”

If we knew when, we would say.  All that can be definitively stated is that it will not be a day before it actually happens, and even then, it will be a process over time.  It could be that we are already in the “when” window of time, but it cannot be confirmed until after the fact.

Keep buying and personally holding physical gold and silver.  Last Friday, you witnessed exactly what happens to paper assets when people lose confidence and panic.  You also witnessed a preview of what is yet to come:  days of gold rallying $100, silver $1.  There will be more of those days, and even in greater gains.

Political solutions and political promises are all false, such as those made by the EU, Cameron [Pinocchio man], Merkel, as much a deceitful liar as Obama himself.  The difference between Cameron and Obama?  At least Cameron had enough within him to do the right thing and offer to resign after failing to uphold the elite’s template of forced political slavery of the masses.  Obama is hollow to the core, no matter how numerous his failures.  He brags about them as though they were victories

The two dark horizontal lines on the weekly gold chart are previous failure highs that will offer resistance at some point in the future.  The April failed swing high stopped at the January 2015 similar high failure.  Friday’s panic buying in gold saw the next level tested, the June 2014 failed swing high.  Gold has rallied $150 in the past month.  Some backing and filling would be healthy for this market.
The exceptionally wide range for the week may lead to more of a sideways trading affair.
It is harder to define paper risks during these times.  For physical purchases, we see no risk.  You own it.  No one can take to from you or devalue it.  An ounce of gold is always an ounce of gold.  It is measured by fiat pieces or paper.  Remember, when gold goes from $1,200 to $1,300, in dollar terms, it did not go up in value.  Instead, the number of fiats increased by $100 in order to purchase that same ounce that has not changed.

It is ironic that many say there is already a bull market in gold when measured by the Euro or the Pound, for example.  No.  The fact that it takes more and more Euros or Pounds to buy the same ounce of gold is an acknowledgement that the fiat paper has lost more of its perceived imaginary value.  An ounce of gold remains unchanged.  It is the deteriorating  s0-called “value” of fiat currencies that have worsened economic conditions.

Keeping things simple in the current world of chaos, let those who choose to deal in bureaucratic whim, [which also defines what a fiat currency really is], try to justify the unreal as having value.  It is an exercise in futility, a fact Precious Metals holders have known beyond question.  The EU “emperors” are wearing no clothes, and the British people just acknowledged it in their vote.  All of the enormous disruptions in the markets are an attempt to reconcile people’s reality and what they want for themselves against political deceits by those in control in order to get what they want, always at the expense of people.

The price adjustments reflect the push-pull of people v politicians, and the range between the mort recent spike high, at 1362, and the low, at 1262, is most likely the range where the struggle for control will evolve.  This risks are available to anyone, every day.  The opportunity for profit is not available every day, at least not without having to take undue risk in the process.  We choose to wait for the opportunity that arise less frequently.

We still see silver outperforming gold, in the future.  The chart structure is better for gold that it is for silver.  Yet, the gold:silver ratio has come in from 84:1 down to 74:1, +/- on any given day.  This means silver is outperforming gold on a relative basis.  We have no specific target, but the probability grows that the gold:silver ratio can come in to 40:1, 30:1, 20:1.  The historic relationship has been 15:1, so that is not out of the question.

We showed how the previous wide range bar on increased volume established a price range for silver [seven trading days ago].  Friday produced an even larger range.  No
horizontal lines were drawn to not confuse the matter.  Now, the expected range within which silver may trade in the days, weeks ahead is 17.10 +/- on the low side to 18.37+/- on the high side.

It is questionable if any tradable opportunity will arise within that relatively narrow range, so patience is the guide for the immediate future, unless one is buying physical silver.
For the physical, the time to buy is each and every time you have the available funds to commit toward stacking, and one can never stack too high.

2016年6月28日 星期二

脫歐後人心惶惶 英青年持護照出門「護身」


【on.cc東網專訊】 英國脫歐公投撼動社會各界,有人後悔支持脫歐,亦有移民突然被針對,周五發生的波蘭移民遭人歧視事件更惹起社會關注。少數族裔青年迪薩納亞克(Nalin Dissanyake)為諷刺英國突然排外情緒高漲,自攜英國護照出門暗嘲排外人士。片段在網上瘋傳,引來網民熱議。


羅傑斯警告:這次熊市 一生中未見過!


【on.cc東網專訊】 據外國傳媒報道,「商品大王」羅傑斯警告,英國「脫歐」的決定將導致一場比2008年更為嚴重的經濟危機,並預告這將比你這一生見過的任何熊市都要糟糕!他指出,美股已橫行了18至24個月,這通常意味會有很可怕的事情發生。




CNH重現負利率 疑似「散水」


【on.cc東網專訊】 半年結臨近,離岸人民幣(CNH)重現負利率,疑似有「散水潮」迹象,隔夜拆息定價跌穿1厘,報0.9厘,交易時段至今,大部分時間均徘徊於負1.25厘水平,隔夜掉期引伸利率更跌穿負3厘。



【on.cc東網專訊】 港交所(00388)公布,期權交易市場將於7月1日休市。由於部分主要市場於上述期間仍然開放,為確保市場有適當保護措施以應對任何可能出現的潛在風險,結算所將於6月30日約下午3時向聯交所期權結算所參與者的所有未平倉合約追收即日按金。

另外,香港期貨交易所旗下所有市場並將於7月1日休市,結算所將於6月30日就恒生指數(恒指)、小型恒生指數(小型恒指)、H股指數、小型H股指數、恒生 國企股息點指數及美元兌人民幣(香港)期貨(人民幣貨幣期貨)市場合約向結算所參與者進行強制即日追收變價調整,即日變價調整將以上述市場在6月30日約下午3時的未平倉合約計算。


接通「天地線」 美科學家證人類有第六感


【on.cc東網專訊】 早有研究指部分動物有磁場感受官能,可以辨識地球磁場,以作「指南」功能。美國科學家日前透過實驗,發現人類的腦神經元對地球磁場有反應,證實人類的「第六感」並沒有在進化過程中失去。

加州理工學院科學家克什維克(Joseph Kirschvink)的團隊早於2001年指,磁感受假說(Magnetoreception)是動物大遷徙的原因。他們指地球的磁場是唯一的物理訊號,長期提供位置和方向資料,亦即是平日所謂的「第六感」。克什維克早已於一份2003年的研究報告指,海洋脊椎動物擁有磁場感應能力。

克什維克於今次的研究,請來24名對象進行測試,意圖證實人類擁有磁感受官能,亦即「第六感」。測試對象被置於一個漆黑的法拉第籠(Faraday cage)中,利用靜電屏蔽原理,隔絕外界的電場干擾;籠內設置一個類似地球磁場周期的儀器,然後紀錄對象的腦部活動。結果發現,籠中人的腦部神經元,對 磁場有重覆持續的反應。


強行更新Windows 10 微軟賠1萬美元

話說, 本人2013年買的新手提電腦是用 Win8, 個版面好難用, 所以本人大仔幫本人加入舊版面和控制按扭, 好好啲用咗3年, 部電腦成日彈出對話盒問是否要轉Win8.1,  當然唔睬佢啦, 點知老公可能一時按咗[yes], 到本人發現時已太遲, 部電腦在升級中, 好彩之後大多數野無變到, 但速成輸入法無咗選關連字, 如 Linux 咁只出單字, 所以打錯字常發生 !

上幾個星期, 大仔說孫仔的手提電腦突然轉咗 Win10, 到佢想 print 野才發現因為print 唔到野 !

本人部機依家都成日彈個對話盒出來問是否升級去 Win10, 同老公講咗只要X佢就可以啦 !


【on.cc東網專訊】 美國電腦公司微軟(Microsoft)早前自動將用戶的作業系統升級至Windows 10,惹起不少人的不滿及投訴。一名女子早前就有關事件向微軟索償,上月獲微軟賠款1萬美元(約7.7萬港元)。

來自加州的高斯甸(Teri Goldstein)指,去年微軟推出Windows 10後數天,便在沒有詢問她的情況下,擅自將其運行Windows 7的電腦升級至Windows 10,而自動安裝過程出現問題,令電腦不能再正常運作,而微軟的技術支援亦無為她解決問題。經營旅遊生意的高斯甸要因此購買新電腦,因而控告微軟,索償購置新電腦的費用以及生意損失。微軟上月同意不上訴,賠償1萬美元。不過微軟堅稱並無做錯,賠償只為避免更大的法律開支。

消息指,微軟於本年2月開始替使用Windows 7或更後版本作業系統的用家自動下載Windows 10,更於3月沒有得到用戶准許的情況下,自動安裝更新軟件,引起大量用家的反感。


一早說過, 小心在歐洲有業務的公司, 不過好多人一路跌, 一路買得好開心 !

還有人在說, 不須理外面發生乜事, 只會計倉內股票派息, 真祝佢地好運 !






迷你倉火警隱患嚇死人 東網率先巡查


【on.cc東網專訊】 全港迷你倉火警隱患有幾嚴重?東網帶你率先睇!焚燒108小時的牛頭角時昌迷你倉奪命大火敲響迷你倉的消防隱患警鐘,今日起消防處聯同其他部門大舉巡查全港迷你倉,並先針對沒有裝自動灑水系統的工廈迷你倉。


根據法例,1973年前落成的工業大廈、貨倉或倉庫毋須安裝自動灑水系統。其中一幢舊工廈內設有4間迷你倉公司,其中一間迷你倉通道極狹窄,自動灑水系統及滅火筒欠奉,有職員更坦言,不會查證存倉貨物。另一幢舊工廈內有4間迷你倉,其中一間迷你倉內雖然有自動灑水系統,但通道兩旁擺放一箱箱雜物,更有雜物 「頂住」消防喉。該工廈的走火通道亦充斥垃圾、貨物及煙頭,而同樓層外的走廊天花電線殘舊及外露。區內亦有舊工廈防火門被工程物料堵塞,天拿水及油漆等易燃物品更放置在防火通道間,滅火筒樽身標籤被撕去,未知是否已過保養期。



Greenspan Warns A Crisis Is Imminent, Urges A Return To The Gold Standard


On Friday afternoon, after the shocking Brexit referendum, while being interviewed by CNBC Alan Greenspan stunned his hosts when he said that things are about as bad as he has ever seen.

"This is the worst period, I recall since I've been in public service. There's nothing like it, including the crisis — remember October 19th, 1987, when the Dow went down by a record amount 23 percent? That I thought was the bottom of all potential problems. This has a corrosive effect that will not go away. I'd love to find something positive to say."

Strangely enough, he was not refering to the British exodus but to America's own economic troubles.

Today, Greenspan was on Bloomberg Surveillance where in an extensive, 30 minutes interview he was urged to give his take on the British referendum outcome. According to Greenspan, David Cameron miscalculated and made a “terrible mistake” in holding a referendum. That decision led to a “terrible outcome in all respects,” Greenspan said. "It didn’t have to happen.” Greenspan then noted that as a result of Brexit, "we are in very early days a crisis which has got a way to go", and point to Scotland which he said will likely have another referendum on its own, predicting the vote would be successful, and Northern Ireland would “probably” go the same way.

His remarks then centered on the Eurozone which he defined as a truly “vulnerable institution,” primarily due to Greece’s inclusion in its structure. “Get Greece out. They’re a toxic liability sitting in the middle of a very important economic zone." Ironically, the same Eurozone has spent countless hours doing everything in its power to show just how unbreakable the union is by preserving Greece, while it took the UK just one overnight session to break away. Luckily the UK was not part of the monetary union or else it would be game over.

But speaking of crises, Greenspan warned that fundamentally it is not so much an issue of immigration, or even economics, but unsustainable welfare spending, or as Greenspan puts it, "entitlements."

The issue is essentially that entitlements are legal issues.  They have nothing to do with economics.  You reach a certain age or you are ill or something of that nature and you are entitled to certain expenditures out of the budget without any reference to how it's going to be funded.  Where the productivity levels are now, we are lucky to get something even close to two percent annual growth rate.  That annual growth rate of two percent is not adequate to finance the existing needs.

I don't know how it's going to resolve, but there's going to be a crisis.

This is one of the great problems of democracy.  It goes back to the founding fathers.  How do you handle a situation like this?  And it's very troublesome, but eventually you get things like Margaret Thatcher showing up in Britain.  Their situation is far worse than ours.  And what she did is she turned it all around essentially by, as I remember it, the miners were going to strike and she decided - she knew they were going to strike.  Since at that point, the government owned these coal mines, she built up a huge inventory so that when they went on strike, there was enough coal in Britain so that eventually the whole union structure collapsed.  She fundamentally changed Britain to this day.  The fact that we are doing so well in the E.U. is not altogether clear that it is the E.U. or whether it was Margaret Thatcher.

When asked if "we need an accident of history" to address this, Greenspan replied "Probably. In the United States, social benefits, which is the more generic term, or entitlements, are considered the third rail of American politics.  You touch them and you lose.  Now, that is a general view.  Republicans don't want to touch it. 

Democrats don't want to touch it.  They don't even want to talk about.  This is what the election should be all about in the United States.  You will never hear one word from either side.  "

This is the same entitlements crisis that Stanley Druckenmiller has also been raging about for years, most recently in his "The Endgame" presentation delivered at the Ira Sohn conference.

Greenspan then went on to bash the false "recovery" narrative, warning that "the fundamental issue is the fact that productivity growth has ground to a halt." 

We are running out of people.  In other words, everyone is very pleased at the fact that the employment rate is rising.  Well, statistics tell us that we need more and more people to produce less and less.  That is not a prescription for a viable political system.  And so what we have at this stage is stagnation.  I don't think that there is anything out there which suggests that there is a recession, but I don't know that.  What I do know is that the money supply, and too, which has always been a critical indicator of inflation, is for the first time going up remarkably steadily 6 percent, 7 percent, almost a straight line.  It's tilted up in the last several months.  It's added a percentage point or two.  The thing that we should be worrying about now, which we have actually given no thought to whatsoever, is that this type of economic environment ends with inflation.  Historically, fiat money has always ended up that way.

And here we get to the heart of the matter, because in not so many words, Greenspan effectively says that hyperinflation is coming:

I know if you look at human history, there are times and times again where we thought that there was no inflation and everything was just going fine.  And I just basically say, wait.  This is not the way this thing ordinarily comes up.  I don't know.  I cannot say I see it on the horizon.  In fact, commodity prices are soggy.  The oil prices has had a terrific impact on global inflation.  It's not about to emerge quickly, but I would not be surprised to see the next unexpected move to be on the inflation side.  You don't have inflation now.  And you don't have it until it happens.

Of course, Greenspan ignores his own role in the creation of the boom-bust cycle which has doomed the world to series of ever more destructive bubbles and ultimately, hyperinflation which will likely be unlashed once the helicopter money inevitably arrives. In retrospect, the 90-year-old, who clearly is looking forward not backward, has a simple solution: the gold standard.

If we went back on the gold standard and we adhered to the actual structure of the gold standard as it exited prior to 1913, we'd be fine.  Remember that the period 1870 to 1913 was one of the most aggressive periods economically that we've had in the United States, and that was a golden period of the gold standard.  I'm known as a gold bug and everyone laughs at me, but why do central banks own gold now?

Why indeed. And of course, that's rhetorical.

鷹眼旅客 手多揭櫃員機假讀卡器


【on.cc東網專訊】 都市人總有職業病病發的時候,作為安全顧問的美國男子特德斯科(Benjamin Tedesco)也不例外。他早前與家人到奧地利首都維也納旅行時,一次到櫃員機取錢前,慣性地檢查櫃員機一番。結果,機警的他發現機上有假讀卡器,令自 己幸保不失。

裝有假讀卡器的櫃員機位於當地旅遊熱點聖斯德望主教座堂附近。 「眼利」的特德斯科發現櫃員機的讀卡器上,套有另一個與讀卡器甚為相似的假讀卡器,之後他更輕易地徒手拆掉假讀卡器。


2016年6月27日 星期一

大冧市!耶倫卡尼突「有事忙」 救市在即?


【on.cc東網專訊】 英國「脫歐」愈鬧愈大,其他國家不斷有聲音指出,是否可跟隨英國搞公投,消息令英鎊匯價及歐洲股市跌幅擴大,當中尤以歐洲銀行及交通股領跌,銀行股指數一度跌5.7%,創4年新低。道指期貨現挫逾150點。

有報道指出,聯儲局主席耶倫和英倫銀行行長卡尼均不出席原定香港時間周二凌晨1時30分的歐洲央行的中央銀行論壇,可能隨時宣布救市。知名財經網站 Forexlive貨幣分析師Ryan Littlestone表示,耶倫和卡尼均不出席歐洲央行的中央銀行論壇,他們似乎有更重要的事情要忙!該論壇原定有包括人民銀行行長周小川、歐央行行長 德拉吉等出席。



福島核災污染泥土用作鋪路 安全性成疑

少去日本為妙 !


【on.cc東網專訊】 日本福島核災後產生大量受污染泥土,環境省計劃把其中放射性物質濃度較低的泥土再利用,鋪設在全國各地的道路、防波堤等。不過消息人士透露,環境省曾估算,該批污染土的放射物,需時170年才可回到自然水平,令日本輿論質疑其安全性。



CIA向敍反抗軍供軍火 遭約旦轉售黑市圖利


【on.cc東網專訊】 美國一向以扶植敍利亞反抗軍,作為緩解當地亂局的首要方案。惟紐約時報與半島電視台展開聯合調查後,發現美國中央情報局(CIA)與沙地阿拉伯經約旦運給 敘反抗軍的軍火,疑被約旦情報機構有系統地偷走,再經由黑市出售牟利,令重軍火落入不法之徒手中。其中一些被盜的武器,更曾於去年底的約旦安曼警校槍擊案中被用兇器,共造成5人死亡,包括兩名美國人。


在紐約時報與半島電視台展開調查並報道有關事件後,美國及沙地當局數月前才向約旦方面提出抗議。約旦當局之後拘捕並革走十多名涉事情報人員,盜賣軍火活動才 因而停止。而在約旦首都安曼去年底11月發生警校槍擊案後,CIA一直展開調查,惟至今仍未有結論。有美國及約旦官員就指,調查人員相信槍手所用的武器, 原本是美國向敍反抗軍提供的軍火。CIA至今未有就事件作出回應。




【on.cc東網專訊】 摩根士丹利再奏摩笛,指英國「脫歐」引發政治及經濟的不明朗,未來數周恒指跌至18,500點水平。


巴拿馬運河擴建開通 中遠貨輪首航


【on.cc東網專訊】 巴拿馬運河完成擴建後昨日正式開通,中遠集團旗下的「中遠海運巴拿馬」號貨輪,成為擴建後第一艘通行該運河的船隻。



It’s Not the British – It’s the EU


While everyone is busy blaming the Brits, the real culprit is the EU. The audacity of various EU ministers demanding immediate withdraw is akin to a spouse who just discovered their partner was cheating. They may say beware of a woman scorned, well it looks like this applies to male politicians as well. The brain-dead morons cannot grasp that they crossed the line and embarked upon a political union in which they have denied any democratic process because they assume the people are too stupid to see what they see.

The markets will settle down and then flip. The smart money will figure out that London will remain as a financial center, as will Zurich. But there will be no such center within the EU because the politicians have a mechanism in place to outlaw short-selling at their discretion whenever the markets say they are wrong. BREXIT is the survival of Britain, not its demise. The crisis brewing is eight member states will ultimately follow Britain and hold referendums. Brussels may be the most hated political entity exceeded only ben Venezuela.

We can easily see from the technicals, that the pound has not quite yet actually broken the broad trend moving into a panic. It has held the technical support warning that everything can flip against the EU come early July. We have also been warning of a coming dollar rally that will make the dollar bears’ nose bleed from vertigo. The critical monthly closing support remains at 13660 in the cash pound against the dollar. A June closing beneath this level will confirm the dollar rally is beginning in a broader trend.

When we turn to the long-term chart (Yearly 1791-Date), we can see technical support at 13755. This has been broken intraday, but this is critical from an annual closing perspective. We have breached the critical support long-term and a monthly closing now below 13660 will confirm that the pound will retest the 1985 low at the par level. This in part will be the result of European politicians ignoring the problem has been them and their elitist views.

The attempt by Brussels to create the United States of Europe and the arrogance of allowing uneducated “refugees” into Europe to interbreed to create one mixed race is just insane. The looked to the USA and saw interbreeding of European nationalities and they saw a single currency. What they overlooked was a single language. Once everyone spoke English, then the intermarriage process began. These elitists are insane and do not understand what they have done.

Things will be moving into August/September. June was a Directional Change and that seems to have been on target along with our computer forecasting this result years in advance.

Now, when we turn to the Euro/sterling, we get a different picture. This shows us clearly that the problem is by no means Britain – it is the EU. While the euro rallied on the first knee-jerk reaction, it did not breach the major resistance at the 85999 level. In fact, the euro fell against the pound and has been making only a reactionary rally. If Ireland and Scotland want to leave the UK and join the Euroland, they will be major shorts. Anyone with assets in those locations will need to convert to dollars.

August looks to be rather chaotic. We should begin to see other countries move more rapidly for referendums. As this process begins, then we should begin to the realization is that the euro is in crisis, not the pound.

We can see that the Yearly Bearish we elected at the 116 level at year-end 2015 has proven to be dramatic. We rallied back to retest the 116 level which took a little longer, but it has fallen sharply and we can see the trend is in motion for a big dollar rally.

鎊匯續弱 歐思邦︰英已為可能情況做好準備


【on.cc東網專訊】 長期被視為最可能繼任首相卡梅倫的英國財相歐思邦在英國公投後首次發言。歐思邦稱,公投後,英國經濟將不得不做出調整,金融市場波動很可能繼續。未來不會一帆風順,但英國已為可能發生的情況做好準備。







令英國政治危機雪上加霜的是,蘇格蘭首席大臣Nicola Sturgeon誓言在必要時再次舉行脫英公投,以保護蘇格蘭在歐盟的位置。





有報道引述歐盟官員稱, 英國「退歐」不需要提交正式信函,只要首相卡梅倫口頭說明,就可觸發退歐的2年倒計時。這暗示英國首相卡梅倫周二在峰會講話時就可啟動「退歐」程序。



Why gold may hit $1,500 by year’s end—and it’s not just about Brexit


Gold’s impressive rally Friday offered a taste of what may be in store for the precious metal, as some analysts say it’s just a matter of time before prices top $1,500 or even $1,900 an ounce.

Futures prices for the metal GCQ6, +0.65% soared by as much as $100 an ounce on an intraday basis Friday as the United Kingdom’s historic vote to leave the European Union sent investors scrambling for a safer place to park their money.

But the decision, known as Brexit, has vast implications for global financial markets, economies and currencies as well as for monetary policies among the world’s major central banks. That means gold could soon have many more reasons to rally.

“The market’s fearful reaction has made Brexit the most stressful event investors have seen since the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in September 2008,” said David Beahm, chief executive of Blanchard and Co. “This is a major negative for global markets, and gold is positioned for long-term price growth because of ... the Brexit vote and other negative global financial conditions.”

While the outcome of the U.K.’s historical referendum roiled stock markets around the world and European stocks posted their worst daily drop in nearly eight years on Friday, gold benefited from its perceived safety in financial crises.

On Friday, August gold surged $59.30, or 4.7%, to settle at $1,322.40 an ounce, logging the highest most-active futures settlement since July 2014.

“Brexit is a once-in-a-lifetime event,” said Ned Schmidt, editor of the Value View Gold Report. “All arguments against holding gold have now been crushed.”

He expects gold to continue its climb, and head to $1,400 an ounce, with prices eventually topping $1,900 next year.

And with other EU nations potentially following the U.K.’s lead, the situation in Europe is set to get worse, said Naeem Aslam, chief market analyst at ThinkForex.

Given that, Aslam sees gold “easily touching” $1,500 by the end of this year.

Currency devaluation

But expectations for more rallies in gold aren’t just borne from the Brexit news. What happens in other markets, including equities and currencies, will impact gold’s outlook more directly.

Brexit is “a global monetary event, with destructive effects in individual economies,” said Brien Lundin, editor of Gold Newsletter.

“The standard central-bank prescription is to ease, to depreciate their currency,” he said. “But if everyone is trying to depreciate their currency, including the U.S., what can they depreciate it against?”

“Only gold will stand tall during the turmoil. And over the long term, it won’t because it’s supposed to be a ‘safe haven’, but because it’s the only safeguard against fiat currency depreciation,” said Lundin.

On Friday, the British pound GBPUSD, -2.1059%  saw its largest-ever one-day drop against the U.S. dollar and fell to its weakest level versus the greenback since 1985. The euro EURUSD, -0.9985%  also tanked compared with the dollar, while the Japanese yen USDJPY, -0.58% which is seen as a haven asset, climbed to its strongest level versus the dollar in more than 3½ years. Read about Friday’s currencies action.

There is “no reason” for gold to rise on such as event as Brexit itself, said Lundin. Such “geopolitical flashpoints” are short lived.”

Instead, sustained gains for gold are “based upon currency debasement almost exclusively,” he said.

Recession risks and central banks

Following the U.K.’s shocking news, central banks around the world, including the Bank of England and U.S. Federal Reserve, have promised to provide more liquidity in the markets when needed.

“This is the biggest risk to markets right now—a possible lack of liquidity like we got during the Lehman crisis,” said Chris Gaffney, president of EverBank World Markets.

The U.K. vote outcome will “definitely make it very difficult for the [Federal Open Market Committee] to raise [interest] rates this year,” he said. In fact, the CME Group 30-Day Fed Fund futures are “currently giving better changes of a rate cut in the U.S. than a rate hike.”

Higher interest rates lift the appeal of holding dollars. That also means that a stronger dollar cuts the worth of holding non-yielding gold that’s priced in this denomination. Lower interest rates tend to have an opposite effect.

Gaffney said there’s speculation surrounding a rate cut in the U.K., and the European Central Bank could “flirt” with moving rates even further into negative territory.

“Lower [rates] for longer is what we continue to expect. The global economy is going to face lower growth prospects and rates are therefore going to be kept lower for longer,” he said.

Blanchard and Co.’s Beahm pointed out that central banks have “little ammunition left to fight” a possible economic recession. “They will have to turn to other extraordinary means to keep markets calm and provide necessary liquidity to keep the financial system from stalling,” he said.

All in all, that spells out further gains for gold.

The metal’s $100 trading range on Friday following Brexit wasn’t unprecedented, but it was “dramatic,” said Adrian Ash, head of research at BullionVault. He noted that prices made a similar sized one-day move in April 2013, when prices plunged on the back of big declines in gold holdings in exchange-traded funds GLD, +4.91%

And “the uncertainty has only begun—not least about what now happens to the broader European and especially eurozone projects,” said Ash.

“It’s all just a taste of the volatility which gold and other markets could see in November” during the U.S. presidential election, he said.
This story was first published on June 24, 2016.


金銀價上升對沖咗人民幣下跌 !


【on.cc東網專訊】 亞投行行長金立群指,英國意外「脫歐」後,市場波動還會繼續,人​​民幣處於公允價值附近,中國應容忍市場波動,限制干預。



丹麥建全球最大風力發電機 料可供電1萬戶


【on.cc東網專訊】 丹麥正在打造一個全球最巨型的風力發電機,組裝後會比倫敦摩天輪「倫敦眼」還要龐大得多。這座發電機的原型機,會於今年底前安裝在德國布萊梅港試用。如有足夠風力,一座發電機便可為逾1萬戶供電。

這座名為「The Adwen Ad8-180」的風力發電機,直徑達180米,共有3片長約90米的巨型葉片,高約90米,比倫敦地標「倫敦眼」還要巨型33%。若風力充足,每年可以生產多達800萬瓦特電力。在德國布萊梅港試用後,將會成為法國離岸風力發電場的一部分,估計整個發電場可生產5億瓦特電力。


港商在北韓收高仿假美鈔 返港存款始知中招


【on.cc東網專訊】 南韓傳媒報道,北韓市面有仿真度極高的假美鈔流通,有香港商人從北韓首都平壤返港後,存款時才發現「中招」。報道指,北韓有可能將其製造的假鈔,瞞天過海地塞進外地旅客的口袋。



有研究北韓的觀察員指出,早有人懷疑,假鈔在不為北韓國民所知的情況下,於該國市面流通。由於北韓的平民沒有驗鈔機可用,他們因此無法得知鈔票的真偽。該觀察員又稱,由於北韓的平民無法取得高質素的掃描器或者複印機,所以假鈔很可能是由北韓政府印製。而外間早有傳聞指出,北韓政府有印製所謂「超級美鈔」的高仿真度假美鈔, 以圖增加收入及拖累美國經濟;也有內地傳媒曾經報道,中國內地發現過懷疑是北韓製的人民幣假鈔。

暑假陷阱多 求職者被誘碌卡上台失財近百萬


【on.cc東網專訊】 臨近暑假,不少青少年都會開始搵暑期工,但亦成為不少騙徒誘騙目標!警方稱最近有騙徒以社交媒體刊登招聘廣告,以毋須學歷、工作經驗及高回報等作招徠,誘使求職者用多張信用卡購買多部手提電話連上台月費,聲稱成功後可收取佣金回報,但有受害人購買多部手機連上台月費後,騙徒「連人帶機」消失,受害人白白損 失手機,兼每月要繼續負擔月費債項,其中一名受害人便要負上近100萬港元債項。

警方商業罪案調查科訛騙案調查組署理總督察潘岳謙指,騙 徒近年以不同手段騙取求職者金錢,除了常見的「介紹費」及「中介費用」,即向受害人表明要為其提供工作機會而收取費用外,騙徒亦會於網上,包括一些社交媒 體,登出招聘廣告,以毋須學歷、工作經驗及高回報等作招徠,令一些急於「搵快錢」,包括年輕人墮進「求職陷阱」。

潘表示,曾有騙徒要求受害人申請多張信用卡,到電訊商「上台」申請電訊服務及購買手機,以轉售圖利。起初騙徒會為受害人提供一定金額以購買電話,又表示會為受害人繳交有關電訊服 務款項,受害人只需申請「上台」便可收取佣金;但當受害人完成有關手續後,騙徒便會帶同新購買的手機消失,受害人不但沒有收到承諾的佣金回報,更需要繳交月費款項,由於同時申請多張信用卡用以「上台」,令受害人需面對一萬至數十萬港元不等債項,今年的其中一宗相關騙案,一名男子更需要負上95萬港元債項。

另外,騙徒亦會誘使受害人提供個人資料,包括身份證、旅遊證件等,向他表示用以申請工作,但實際上用以借貸,令受害人在不知不覺成為「債仔」。有騙徒更會向 受害人提供虛假文件,包括工作證明、糧單及住址證明等,用以申請借貸,向他們表示只要以個人名義替公司借貸成功,便能收取佣金;潘岳謙指即使受害人受騙, 但同樣會觸犯刑事罪行,一經定罪,最高可被監禁14年。

潘岳謙表示,雖然騙徒以不同方式行騙,但手法「萬變不離其宗」,又指「天下無免費 午餐」,呼籲求職者應徵前應先了解公司背景、業務、工作性質及地點,不要輕易相信網上招聘廣告,求職時如被僱主開出不合理條件,包括要求職者以個人名義申請貸款、信用卡及電話服務等,要考慮清楚提防誤墮騙局。






2016年6月26日 星期日

European Union off to Emergency Room



Mr. Armstrong; I was skeptical at the Berlin WEC, but your forecast is coming in and nobody else called this. It was the most amazing conference I ever attended. A friend who left skeptical said he bought his ticket to this year’s WEC. It looks like Disney for the family and the WEC for me.

You said that the European Union would end up collapsing as well as the free movement. Is this all happening so fast they cannot stop anything?


Yes. This is why we planned this year’s conference in Orlando. It might be a little too crazy in Europe by November plus it was being placed on the caution list for travelers by the US Statement. The Shengen Agreement will fall thanks to Merkel and her opening the doors to the “refugees” (economic migrants) of which 65% are young males who cannot work since they do not read, write, or speak any European language. Additionally, less than 40% are even real refugees from Syria.

When things like this collapse, it is very rapid. It looks like 2018 for monetary reform is on track. We will look at that this year in detail. We laid out in the BREXIT report that it would be opposite. The EU needed Britain – Britain did not need the EU. The markets will flip when the majority realize the crisis is not in Britain.

陸東:內銀及本地地產股看似便宜 實為陷阱


【on.cc東網專訊】 星級分析員陸東認為,現時看似估值很便宜的內銀股及本地地產股,可能同樣是投資陷阱。「內地資源行業產能過剩,產品價格下降,向銀行貸款的企業還款能力減弱,銀行未來幾年的壞帳率可能上升,2至3年後能否維持高息成疑。」同樣,本地地產股資產折讓大,看似便宜,但實質的利潤率其實正在收窄,原因包括內地發展商來港搶生意,現時賣樓由興建到回本的過程延長,令去貨流轉率慢了,以及受政府規例收緊影響。




【on.cc東網專訊】 對於今年美國加息機會,星級分析員陸東直截了當地指「零!」,美國今年甚至有機會掉頭減息:「少過五成機會減息,但美國今年是有機會減息的。早前已說過美國下半年衰起上來會減息,只是估唔到因為英國脫歐。當然,減息與否還要看資金流向、經濟因素,但我見唔到美國有通脹,冇通脹加甚麼息?」


Central Banks In Trouble After Brexit Shocker As Gold May Surge To $1,600


On the heels of an absolutely wild trading week in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, today a legend in the business sent King World News a powerful piece about central banks heading toward trouble as gold may surge to $1,600.

The Brexit Fiasco And Gold’s Massive Surge

By John Ing, Maison Placements

June 25 (King World News) – There will be a new day in the UK, it will be just different. The shock of the Brexit referendum will ease but the effects will be long lasting. In the interim, a new Prime Minister must be appointed to negotiate Article 50 with the European Union. Its six founding members are to meet this weekend with a response.

Markets are down big time on Friday and no doubt will be ugly. To be sure, there will be terrific buying opportunities. But Friday, gold is up to a two year high in a knee-jerk reaction and will find some resistance at $1,350 per ounce. To be sure there is now solid support at $1,250 per ounce. In GBP (British pounds) terms, gold went up 15 percent overnight. Below is a gold chart from Joe Ismail. Joe is calling for resistance at $1,400 per ounce to test the $1,600 per ounce resistance high.

To date, gold has put in its best performance in three decades. Gold is a barometer of investor anxiety and today there is much anxiety. Gold is easily exchangeable for other currencies and protected some Brits last night.

We believe under our faith-based fiat currency system, currencies will be faith tested by doubts over the solvency of the dollar system, political worries this November and geo political concerns.  In an environment of failed quantitative easing, Brexit and the latest rounds of negative rates, the economic consequences are clear. Central banks are at the limits of what they can achieve, particularly without the support from their respective governments from fiscal policy. Investors and savers are looking for alternative stores of value. 

In the last 20 years we have seen steady debt accumulation, globalization and a shift of risk to debtors at the expense of savers. A new monetary order must emerge. Stores of values are needed and sooner or later everyone must deal with the consequences of the past. Central banks are part of the problem, not the solution. Gold will be a good thing to have.

We continue to believe the bullish long term secular trend is intact and gold will reach $2,200 per ounce. A rising tide lifts all boats. Gold stocks, in particular the juniors today are great buys.



【on.cc東網專訊】 亞達盟環球期貨客戶經理潘梓生在東方產經「錢途」專欄表示,英國脫歐公投舉行前一周市場極為樂觀,本欄早前亦提及公投前風險資產應相對利好。但意外地,英鎊在公投前異常強勢,兌美元一度重上1.50水平,創下今年新高。分析指英鎊強勢是因為脫歐預期降溫,但試問留歐只是維持現狀,在經濟未有明顯改善下,英 鎊為何可以突破新高?故此,即使相信英國最後選擇留歐,英鎊同樣要出現大跌。


聯儲局最新的議息會議顯示,聯儲局開始傾向今年只加息一次,6月會議時也表明要待英國舉行脫歐公投後才決定加息去向。現時聯儲局對加息的決定愈趨保守,但相 信為保聯儲局信用,今年仍然會加息一次,但加息次數之少將有助金價向上,配合避險情緒高漲,相信黃金是投資者短期可考慮的吸納對象。

加拿大無人機失事 婦人「中頭獎」受傷


【on.cc東網專訊】 加拿大魁北克省一名女子在觀看5公里馬拉松比賽時,一架無人機失控,在10米的高度從天而降,不偏不倚擊中她的頭部,她當場昏迷,急送醫院救治。

事發於6月11日,「中頭獎」女子為克雷格努(Stéphanie Creignou),38歲,她在路過一群馬拉松跑手時,被2.7磅重的DJI幻影3型無人機擊中,昏迷之際被身旁朋友捉住。意外令她的頸椎部位受傷,無法上班,一早安排與丈夫一起度假的計劃需要取消。



唔凍要換雪種? 冷氣機保養你要識

朦查查, 剛入伙時聽人說, 廳須用一匹,  而用後太凍啦, 開最細都不到半小時就要關機, 又嘈又凍又曬電, 所以廿幾年來都開睡房任何一部冷氣機加風扇在廳, 而依家剛換部用咗24年的機, 老公還不捨得, 說還可以用 ! 好彩唔聽佢說, 自己去咗買新3/4匹機換, 而部舊機已生鏽到甩到一地都係鐵鏽 ! 依家廳有冷氣機用啦 !


【on.cc東網專訊】 冷氣機是夏天的恩物,每年都會陪伴着我們渡過炎熱的夏季,但你又知否它何時出問題?又知否要怎樣保養呢?




進行清潔時,可先用消毒劑把散熱片、冷凍片和俗稱豬籠扇的風扇洗一次,再用市面上買到的冷凍片清潔劑深入清洗。但由於冷凍片清潔劑是具腐蝕性的化學品,清洗 時最好佩戴護目鏡和口罩,還要避免在刷洗時,液體反彈在身上。而市面上有一些家用清潔噴劑,吳師傅表示,「家用清潔噴劑只能清洗冷氣機表面,治標不治本, 清完嘅塵埃仲可能塞住去水位。」用長毛刷反而能深入冷凍片,達到較佳的清潔效果。


但無論怎樣好好保養,冷氣機始終有老化的一日,到時可按家居面積大小,選擇合適匹數,「3/4匹大約用於70至80平方呎,匹半就是110至130平方 呎,2匹就約是200平方呎以下。」電器店店東昌哥還提醒,如家位處西斜位置,熱的時間會較長,大家若想凍一點,或需購買較大匹數的冷氣機。

英國脫歐 400大富豪身家單日蒸發近萬億


【on.cc東網專訊】 英國脫歐釀全球股災,繼亞洲和歐洲股市後,美股亦未能幸免,道指周五收市瀉610點,全球股市單日蒸發2.546萬億美元(約19.85萬億港元)。據彭 博億萬富豪指數顯示,全球400大富豪身家周五共縮水1,274億美元(約9,937億港元)或3.9%,至3.9萬億美元,反觀部分對沖基金,包括國際大炒家索羅斯可能成為冧市大贏家。

環球大冧市下,Zara母公司Inditex創辦人兼歐洲首富奧爾特加最傷,身家勁縮超過60億美元 (約468億港元),另有9人身家蒸發逾10億美元(約78億港元),包括微軟創辦人蓋茨、亞馬遜舵手貝索斯及英國首富格羅夫納(Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor),而榜內15大英國富豪身家共減55億美元。

不過,亦有人發「股災財」。消息指,支持脫歐的對沖基金經理Crispin Odey,其領軍的規模102億美元Odey資產管理旗下旗艦基金因沽空英股等,周五勁賺超過15%,成大贏家。

早於公投前押注黃金做好的索羅斯及其前副手、殿堂級對沖基金經理德魯肯米勒料同樣成為大贏家。索羅斯基金管理首季持倉資料顯示,金礦股Barrick Gold是最大股票持倉,又買入黃金交易所買賣基金(ETF)SPDR Gold,均有望受惠金價上漲,索羅斯又加碼沽空標指,亦可望受惠於美股大冧。


一 些對沖基金雖沒有押注公投結果,但利用電腦程式順著大趨勢進行交易同樣錄得不俗表現,例如Aspect Capital旗艦的Diversified基金一度錄得近4%回報;Winton資本管理旗下基金亦賺逾3%。市場人士指出,這些對沖基金主要靠押注歐 美主權債及美元升值,以及能源板塊和英鎊下跌獲利。

道指上周五狠瀉610點,收報17,400點;標指狠瀉75點,收報2,037點,雙雙創去年八月以來最傷;納指更狂插202點,收報4,707點,創近五年最大跌幅,刺激俗稱「恐慌指數」的VIX波動指數狂飆逾49%,創一一年八月以來 最大漲幅。較早收市的歐股更慘淡,Stoxx歐洲600指數單日勁挫7%,為○八年以來最傷。MSCI新興市場指數同日亦挫3.5%。





2016年6月25日 星期六

Dow – Down & Dirty?

Martin Amstrong 對索羅斯, 邊個贏 ?

個個都在等MA 的 Sling Shot, 可以嗎, 在咁情況下 ? 

李居明說8月市先會轉好, 之後還有10月和12月的震盪 !


The Dow has been bouncing off the Reversals as well. Despite being above 17800, it would fail to close above that. The question becomes WHEN will the Dow breakout to test new highs with the next target zone in the 21,000 to 23,000 area? With the closing on Friday below the first Minor Weekly Bearish at 17434, the Dow should move a bit lower now to test the 17120 level. We have a serious gap there after both technically and on our Reversal system. We can yet see a thrust to test the 15000 zone before turning back up again. The numbers tell us when the big moves will come. But we need not move down that far. We can hold technically the 16900 level, fail to elect any reversals, and the flip back up.

The key to all the markets is CONFIDENCE. We are witnessing a global revolution against career politicians. BREXIT is the first of four critical elections we have been warning about. There is no real chance of a major stock market crash because retail participation (both domestic and foreign) is at historic lows. There is no retail market that would panic. The “professionals” are baffled trying to figure this mess out watching the Fed and reading headlines. More hedge funds are closing because performance is collapsing. Opinion really drives the bulk of investment and nobody is getting this right because there is nobody who has ever lived during such a period. Those in search of guru will lost everything. The ONLY way to trade this mess is DISPASSIONATELY and just go by the numbers. The market is the only one that is never wrong.

The slingshot is coming. These four elections will change the perspective of government for the next few decades. Those in power will fight back tooth and nail. You can see it. Republican Elite hate Trump just as the Democratic Elite hated Bernie. Both represented upsetting the apple cart. Nevertheless, we are looking at a serious issue here. The slingshot comes WHEN everyone realizes the future will not be anything they dreamed of. The negative interest rates are destroying pension funds, Central banks have lost control and credibility, and socialism is dying very hard because government is consuming the bulk to fund its own pensions. The slingshot comes when people realize governments are collapsing. Then there will be the mad rush into all private assets.

英國脫歐:對沖基金冧市贏錢 料索羅斯有份

輸錢的是在股市和匯市(日元和美元不計) Buy and Hold  的散戶, 還有沽空金銀的投機者 !


【on.cc東網專訊】 英國脫歐引發環球冧市,但並非所有人都「輸錢」。消息指,支持脫歐的對沖基金經理Crispin Odey,由其領軍的規模102億美元Odey資產管理旗下旗艦基金因沽空英股等,周五勁賺超過15%,成大贏家。

早於公投前押注黃金做好的國際大炒家索羅斯及其前副手、殿堂級對沖基金經理德魯肯米勒料同樣成為贏家。索羅斯基金管理首季持倉資料顯示,金礦股 Barrick Gold是最大股票持倉,又買入黃金交易所買賣基金(ETF)SPDR Gold,均有望受惠金價上漲,索老又加碼沽空標指,亦可望受惠於美股跌市。


現貨金價今年以來漲23.9%,連帶金礦股翻身,Barrick Gold股價今年以來勁漲逾177%。

一 些對沖基金雖沒有押注公投結果,但利用電腦程式順著大趨勢進行交易同樣錄得不俗表現,例如Aspect Capital旗艦的Diversified基金一度錄得近4%回報;Winton資本管理旗下基金亦賺逾3%。市場人士指出,這些對沖基金主要靠押注歐 美主權債及美元升值,以及能源板塊和英鎊下跌獲利。